A Brief history of 'Euro' Legislation Time

The changing landscape of European diesel engine emission legislation over
the past 20 years.

From Euro 1 in the beginning to the forthcoming Euro 6, during the past 20 years diesel engine manufacturers have invested heavily in new products which have dramatically reduced the amount of harmful pollutants coming out of the tail-pipe.

The changes from Euro 5 to Euro 6 alone are more-than-impressive with the new legislation demanding a drop in NOx of 80% compared with the previous standard, while changes to the way particulate matter is counted will see a drop in PM of over 90%.

Table showing the Euro Emissions landscape – 20 years of breathing easier!
EU emission standards Euro 1- Euro 6, measured in g/kWh

Euro standardDate enforcedNOxPM
Euro 1 1993 8.0 0.36
Euro 2 1996 7.0 0.15
Euro 3 2001 5.0 0.10
Euro 4 2006 3.5 0.02
Euro 5 2009 2.0 0.02
Euro 6 2013/14* 0.46 0.01

*2013 for all new ’type approvals’; 2014 for all new registrations

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