How To Be An Alpha Female: The Broke Alphanista

  You do exist. As beautiful, smart, and enterprising as you are, shit happens. Because ...

Would You Stay In A Relationship If The Sex Was Bad?

by Maryann in Relationships

Think about it. You are in a relationship where you have everything, except good sex.  Do you leave?  Stay?  How important is sex to you?  Sex is a kind of communication.  If communication is the number one criteria for relationships to work, and there is something wrong, then the relationship may be destined for doom.  [...]

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5 Ways To Take A “Vacation”

by Maryann in Lifestyle

A vacation doesn’t have to take days or weeks. It can simply be 24 hours to just a few hours of being at peace or giving your body a break.  Just being still.  It’s not about doing nothing, but doing nothing with a purpose. 1) Have a Stiff Drink In Bed–I prefer Grand Marnier or [...]

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POLL: Would You Get Married In Less Than A Year?

by Maryann in Uncategorized

We all know a “certain couple” got married this weekend. No one seems to be as interested on who these two are, as they are interested in how long they knew each other.  Some say it wasn’t long enough.  One month?  I was checking the amount of hateful posts online about it.  All, from women.  [...]

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A Brief Guide to Self-Care

by Maryann in Career

Let’s start with food. If you work 9-5, how do you feed yourself during the week?  Coming home to good, wholesome meals make the days go by faster and make them just a bit sweeter.  But how can you cram all that in with just a few hours a night to yourself after a long [...]

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Alphanista Of The Week: Sheila Brown

by Maryann in How To Be An Alphanista

This feature will focus on outstanding Alphanistas all over the world.  Do you want to be chosen?  Send a short bio and pic to maryann at alphanista dot com. “What does being an Alphanista mean to me?” Well, being an Alphanista means being a fully self-expressed, successful, adventurous, world-traveling Entrepreneur who lives her life fully and [...]

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Finally, A Woman Who Knows What To Do With A Baby…

by Maryann in Lifestyle

…stroller. I do not understand, and never did, why women insist on those baby strollers/carriages where the baby is facing out towards others.  The baby should be facing YOU, with your body providing enclosure for the child. These types of strollers are not easy to find. Anybody can trip and drop something in that carriage [...]

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Weekend Rewind: Is It Goal-Digging or Gold Digging?

by Maryann in Lifestyle

A classic! Don’t you like the play on words? _______________________ What’s wrong with liking a man with money?  Not for money, but with money. It’s not normally something most women flaunt.  They’re afraid to admit it, but why.  Men have no problem admitting they want a beautiful woman.  We all know there is more to [...]

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Top 5 Things An Alpha Can Do Around The World

by Maryann in Lifestyle

Tired of the Caribbean? New connections and lots of “alpha” moments wait for you outside of the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a good starting point for travel, and a safe bet when you want to stay close to home. But those who are ready to graduate to the next experience, know a vacation is more [...]

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How To Be An Alpha Female: The Power Breakfast

by Maryann in Career, How To Be An Alphanista

  Have you taken a look at your life , lately? Look now.  There’s something missing.  You have the same degree, personal qualities, professional experience as the next girl but you are the one earning less money, going home alone, and haven’t had a breakthrough in your career or personal life in years.  There’s a [...]

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Download Our Android, Blackberry, etc App!

by Maryann in News

  Don’t miss out on new, updated Alphanista blogs and get your favorites on the run!  Updated Alphanista posts are on their way, and you don’t have to be on a computer to read them anymore, or comment.  The app will be available in market stores for easy download, but that takes time.  Until then, [...]

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