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Recent USGS Publications about Hawaiian Volcanoes and Earthquakes

General Interest Booklets:

 The Story of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory—A Remarkable First 100 Years of Tracking Eruptions and Earthquakes
HVO's founding in 1912, advances in monitoring tools and techniques, significant discoveries over the past century, and notable eruptions and earthquakes during the past 100 years.
 Eruptions of Hawaiian Volcanoes: Past, Present, and Future
The origin of Hawaiian volcanoes, Hawaiian eruptions, monitoring and research, volcanic products and landforms, volcanic hazards and benefits, and more (2nd revised edition).

Image DVDs:

Selected Time-Lapse Movies of the East Rift Zone Eruption of Kilauea Volcano, 2004-2008
Documents a variety of flow-field and vent processes.

Selected Images of the Effects of the October 15, 2006, Kiholo Bay-Mahukona, Hawai'i, Earthquakes and Recovery Efforts
Documents damage on the northern half of Hawai'i Island caused by magnitude-6.7 and 6.0 earthquakes.

Fact Sheets:

 Kilauea—An Explosive Volcano in Hawai'i
Kilauea's history of explosive eruptions, their causes, and how future events might be foreseen.

Earthquakes in Hawai'i—An Underappreciated but Serious Hazard
Hawai'i's earthquakes and their relationship to volcanic activity and tsunami, how they are measured and monitored, and seismic hazards.

Hawai'i Island Students Create Posters Celebrating HVO's Centennial

In honor of our 100th anniversary, HVO hosted a poster contest for Hawai'i Island 4th grade students. The Grand Prize poster (right) and other winning posters were displayed at HVO's Open House on January 21, and all posters entered in the contest are on display at KTA stores in Hilo, Kamuela, and Kailua until February 10, 2012.


More Volcano Information from HVO and Beyond

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