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Standards Activities Board

 To provide an organizational framework and conducive environment within which to develop broadly accepted, sound, timely, and technically excellent standards that will advance the theory and practice of computing and information processing science and technology. 



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Standards Committees & Policies

    Software & Systems Engineering Standard Development

    Software Engineers on standards

  • Design Automation Standards Committee  P&P
  • Environmental Assessment Standards Committee  (Unapproved P&P)
  • Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents  P&P
  • Information Assurance Standards Committee  P&P
  • Learning Technology Standards Committee  P&P
  • Local Area Networks/MAN Standards Committee (802)  P&P
    • IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee Annual Rpt
  • Microprocessor Standards Committee  P&P
  • Portable Applications Standards Committee 
    (Unapproved P&P)
  • Simulation Interoperability Organization/SAC   Meetings  P&P
  • Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee  P&P  (Joining S2ESC)
  • Storage Systems Standards Committee P&P
  • Test Technology Standards Committee P&P




  • IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 on Test and Diagnosis for Electronic Systems
  • Computer Standards Column



  • P2407 Architecture Framework and Reference Model for Personalized Health Informatics
  • Game Technology Standards
  • Musical Applications Using XML


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Charlene (Chuck) Walrad

SAB Vice President

Walrad serves on the Executive Committee of IEEE’s Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC), and she is the working group chair for the development of a new software configuration management standard. Read more

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