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Teens hang out at MySpace
By Janet Kornblum, USA TODAY
Shanda Edstrom can't stop herself. Every day — pretty much no matter where she is — she's just gotta go to MySpace.

Her friends are there. Her former high school classmates hang out there. Heck, these days it seems like every teen and twentysomething in the USA is there. "I'm on it every day for like two hours at a minimum," says Edstrom, 18, of Clackamas, Ore., who works at a Kinko's in Portland. "It's just crazy." Forget the mall. Forget the movies. Forget school. Forget even AOL. If you're a teen in America today, the place to be is the social networking site MySpace, which has virtually exploded in the past few months.

For those who didn't grow up with the Internet, it might seem strange to think of a mere website as an actual place. But for people like Edstrom and Michael Edwards, a high school senior from San Diego who can't remember when there was no Internet, cyberspace is a real place, even if the entry gates come in the form of a PC.

And at least these days, one's MySpace page is not just a home in that place, it's actually who they are online.

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