Palm Compatibility - Problems syncing Tungsten Device with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) | Palm Desktop/iSync

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Background: I bought a Palm Tungsten T5 and managed to get it to work OK with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther). There were issues with it, namely problems in storing work and home telephone numbers correctly when syncing with the Mac OS Address Bok aplication, but generally it worked OK. I was successful in getting the device synced via Bluetooth such that the Address Book, iCal calendars and tasks all copied back and forth correctly.

I then upgraded to 10.4 (Tiger) and since that time have not been able to get my Palm device to sync at all. I am hoping that this page will explain fully the issues that I'm having and help to spur some kind of suggestion as to what is wrong.

Uninstalling Palm Desktop

The first step, after 3 unsuccessful attempts at re-loading Palm software and syncing, was to remove all traces of Palm software and config files. I have done the following:

Here is proof that I have removed (or tried to) all the Palm software/config:

All that's showing is the installer packages, ready for the next install. None of the other 162 results hint at any Palm stuff present. A quick look in the Applications folder - no Palm software here!

However, when I go to install the Palm software, it shows as an 'Upgrade' (see button below) - what's on my system to suggest that Palm software is/has been installed? I want to feel that I'm installing from fresh to remove any previous problems.

Note: I have gone back to the original CD software supplied with the Tungsten T5 and *then* installed the Tiger update (4.2.1)

Having run the install package, the setup assistant runs, and I can create a new user like so:

Everythgin seems to be OK:

So, with everything installed and following two restarts (one for each install - original plus update), I press the Hotsyn icon on the Palm device and it successfully syncs with the Mac via Bluetooth, as the progress panel below shows:

After the sync, the address book and tasks show up in Palm desktop app:

The next step is to change to using iSync for Palm syncing, cutting out Palm Desktop completely, so that I can, once again, sync with iCal and so on. I open iSync, Choose 'Enable Palm OS Syncing ...' and I get this:

Despite what that says, Palm Desktop and Hotsync is installed properly, the Palm device is paired up properly via Bluetooth but it is still not working.


Despite following instructions, reinstalling, trying every suggestion, I am still having problems with syncing Palm and Mac. It really is appallingly bad. Trying a third party solution (such as Missing Sync) has not resolved the problems. Right now, I'm fed up to the back teeth with trying to get this working. So, if you have any suggestions about how I can fix this, please drop me a line. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.