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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Funny Moment Videos Most Watched Apr 11

Hello Happy People!

How have you been? Hope the Tickle Dog made your day with a funny video or two :) It is important to be happy in life!

Time flies when you are happy and now is time for another most watched segment for the month of April!

Can you guess which are the funny videos?

Coming in second is a funny video of great creativity. A parody so well done that it sounds wonderful too and at the same time makes me laugh until i tear.

Adam Lambert Parody Stop Filming Him !

Babies always have a special connection to everyone. Mothers, fathers, the neighbor and even politicians!

Most of all, they are adorable and FUNNY ! :)

Presenting the Most Watched Funny Moment Video for April 11 ....

Talking Twin Babies in funny heated discussion

Now are those funny moments or what? Have a good time laughing and be happy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Moment Videos Most Watched Feb 11

Hello Happy People !

The Tickle Dog is back and today let us take a look at the two most watched videos of Feb 11.

If you still remember, in Jan 11 we had a tie between Funny Pepsi Commercial LOL and Laugh your day away babies.

You are in for a surprise this month.


However Funny Pepsi Commercial LOL leads by a greater amount suggesting that folks just can't get enough of the true meaning of the Pepsi Symbol.

Watch the video below.

And yes, runner up will be our lovable babies who will brighten up your day. Blissful indeed.

Will we see the same winners again next month? Stay tuned!

More new funny crazy videos to be discovered :)

Now is that a funny moment or what?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny Moment Videos Most Watched Jan 11

Good day funny people!

The Tickle Dog is back and he wants you to view the most watched funny videos for Jan 11 !

Believe it or not, this month we have a tie. Wow. How often does that happens? Two equally funny videos to brighten up your days!

First we have is . . . drum rolls ***

Laugh your day away babies!!

Seriously who can say that their day did not glow a little more at least when treated to a session of this infectious laughing happy babies! No surprise this is a most watched!

So this leaves us the next most watched funny video for Jan 11.

It is none other than our latest video, Funny Pepsi Commercial LOL

Find out what the true meaning of fulfillment of the highest order is really all about in this sacred monastery :) Ha !

That's all folks. Hope this double dose of funny videos made your day shine!

Stay tuned for Feb 11 :)

Now is that a funny moment or what?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funny Moment Videos Most Watched Dec 10

Good day funny people!

I was looking at the view counts and i wondered. Hmmm some of these funny videos are so EPIC but will everyone who visits this site know? TADA !!

Behold Tickle Dog's Funny Moment Videos Most Watched list :)

Each month we will feature the two most watched videos from the previous month. Simple as that. Enjoy ...

Runner up

Ohhh we know this is a great one. Watching the mother duck struggled against the forces of nature with her ducklings in tow. It is funny, nerve racking and heart warming! Happy ending included.

Most Watched Funny Moment Video for Dec 10

Can you guess it? Yes it is Tickle Dog's favorite too. Our dear Japanese friends in an English lesson! Watch as grown up men were reduced to begging tearing sobs when they were not serious and laughed!

I laughed so much at the video that my stomach hurts :P

Join us again next month for the most watched highlights again! Smile :)

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