Simple Dental - A Year Later

As I was renewing my domain, I stumbled upon a very important date - the 25th of April.  Why is this  significant?  Because it’s the date I launched the pilot version of Simple Dental.

The idea was to get feedback as fast as possible.  It worked.  What followed was only a few more features developed and a whole lot of attention to what was already there.  It was the project I dreamed of working on and developing for.

After about 6 months of heavy use I started inviting more people.  The feedback wasn’t as well received and most of the people who did want to try it out didn’t really give it a shot, or even ask for a guide or walk thru.   Inevitably I felt a little lost, concerned and burned out at that point.

I let a few months go by.  I kept in contact with the clinics still using it and one of the main features it was missing was charting.  I set out to do that and had a working version within 2 weeks.  I was back, err so I thought.

Fast-forward yet again to now.  I see that date as a huge revamp to make things even simpler.  We are talking about gutting what is barely used and replacing it with, well, nothing.  A  few requests have come down the pipe like guest access (we have it but it needs love).  A better print system that allows you to print an entire patient file and not just treatment plans.  And then my favorite… redo Treatment Planning to make it easier to assign procedures to certain doctors so it’s easier for clinics to pay outside specialists that help on particular cases.

My goal is to tackle one of these by the 25th.  I’d ideally love to tackle them all, and probably could.  I know that it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks but I’m excited to jump back in.  At the same time, simplifying things even more, working my pricing model a bit and FINALLY launching the site should start grabbing the interest of some.

That’s my plan for April.

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  1.  enom said: To think it’s already been a year, eh? Keep at it! I’m always curious to know what you’re working on. :)
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