Great American Songbook & Dancing with Arnie Gruber band

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The Great American Songbook

 & Dancing with…

 ”The Arnie Gruber Band”

Musical Direction by Arnie Gruber

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     The Performing Arts Center at Five Towns College will once again be honoring an evening of class and style as we present ”The Great American Songbook”… Proudly featuring “The Arnie Gruber Band”… Back by popular demand, “Arnie Gruber” is no doubt , one of the finest most effervescent performers of this genre of music..! ”Arnie” delivers an up beat and swinging style, that he combines with an energetic and witty stage presence that keeps his audiences tapping their feet and smiling…   With his creative musical direction he weaves arrangements around his impressive piano styles…  Showcasing his original versions of the “Songbook” classics… With passion and devotion to the “Sinatra-esque” phrasing and vocal quality… Please join us in welcoming ”Arnie Gruber” and his Band… I promise you will be greatly entertained by his delightful and charming banter as he expresses his tribute to the most melodic and memorable music ever written… !!

      Remembering the most respected songcrafters of our lifetime.!!  To mention a few, with honor and distinction,“George & Ira Gershwin”, “Cole Porter”, ”Rogers & Hammerstein”, “Irving Berlin” ”Jule Styne”…  And with the profound notion that ’Everything Old is New Again’… Might I include some of the original singers and song stylists… As you know, “Tony Bennett”,”Nat King Cole”, “Judy Garland”, ”Ella Fitzgerald”, and of course Ole’ Blue Eyes,”Frank Sinatra”… However, the revision of the ”Songbook” catalogue became once again into full revival in the 1980′s… With  many vocalists again showing their respect in personalised versions of the  most cherished popular music ever crafted… “Natalie Cole”, noted for “Unforgettable”…  Then again in 2001,  ”Rod Stewart” tastefully devoted a whole series of albums to the re-introduction of the golden standards…!!  Time after time and even right up to our most current songstresses and vocalists… “Michael Buble”, “Harry Connick Jr.” Diana Krall”, and let me not forget to mention, our most dedicated contributor yet… keeping this wonderful chapter in our musical history forever alive, “Michael “Feinstein”…                

An evening  of class and style…

Swing into the night and enjoy dancing as well…

“Arnie Gruber” is a real favorite,

This show sells out fast…!

Call for Tickets Now: 631-656-2148


Date & Time:  Sunday, April 15, 2:00 p.m.  * $10

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“The Wizard of Oz”…

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“The Wizard of Oz”

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      Please join our journey through adventure and wonder… As the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center invites you to, “Follow The Yellow Brick Road”… Presenting our most popular American tale of magic and wonderment.!! “The Wizard of Oz”…  Let me remind you of  “Dorothy”, the young girl growing up in Kansas, and how she was whisked away in the whirlwind of a tornado…  And the friends that she meets along the way… The “Tin Man” in search of a heart… The “Scarecrow” in need of a brain…  The “Cowardly Lion” that longs for courage… She finds comfort in their team effort to lead her in the right direction along the famous yellow brick road, that will help guide her to the Great Wizard of Power and Knowledge…!!  So that he can guide her to click her heals to find her way back home… 

  Remember the “Wicked Old Witch” of the West… Puts “Dorothy” and friends to the test… But “Glenda” the good witch of the North… keeps waiving her wand back and forth..!!

     I recommend this amazing show to all children… But mostly to many adults, just to recall the magic and joy in their hearts…!!!   Metropolitan NYC OZ Fans Welcome..!!  Go on and feel free to wear costumes in the honor of this Masterpiece of Tradition and Art…


‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’… To this

 ”Classic Theatrical Masterpiece”

It’s Magical and it’s right here…

 at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center


                         Call Now For Tickets…631-656-2148 

Dates & Times: Saturday, April 28, 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m * $10 

                                  Sunday, April 29 , 12:00 noon $ 3:00 p.m. *$10   


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“Mostly Barbershop”

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“Mostly Barbershop”



* The FTC Barbershop Quartet * The FTC A Capella Ensembles


* The Long Island Sound Chorus

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     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center at Five Towns College proudly invites you to experience an evening of extraordinary vocal performances”… Barbershop is the thrilling and precise execution of four-part harmony arrangements designed for the blending of the various vocal registers… This unique resonance of tones combined captures the deliberate and signature sound of human voices coming together to create the perfect resonance of the soul lifting style known as Barbershop…  This rich sounding blend of harmonies is exciting and particularly satisfying to the ear…! Whether performed within a small quartet of just four voices or with the powerful and exhilarating vibrations of a large choir…

      With his energetic positive style, Wayne Grimmer is well noted for his direction of Island Hills Long Long Island Chapter of Barbershop Choruses… Bringing them to a higher level of vocal expression and tonal excellence, awarding them the honor of their ”2010″ status as the Region’s Most Improved Chorus and to its 2010 and 2011 4th Place medal in Sweet Adelines International Region 15.   

     Share in this evening of joy…! And be enriched with the lush sounds of these well honed, intriguing… A Capella vocal performances..! The exciting and unique harmonies of Barbershop… Under the experienced and highly respected direction of  Wayne Grimmer… 


Call Now for tickets:  631-656-2148

Date and Time:  Tuesday, May 1, 7:30 p.m.

, of which are   

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Spring Concert #1 with the FTC Concert Pops * Conducted by Dean Karahalis & The FTC Chorus * Directed by Jeffrey Lipton

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Spring Concert #1


The FTC Concert Pops

* Conducted by Dean Karahalis


 The FTC Chorus

Directed by Jeffrey Lipton


     Please join us in acknowledging the very dedicated and talented student body of Five Towns College. On this evening you will be thrilled by the special springtime selections of music performed by our very own FTC Concert Pops Orchestra… Precisely and energetically conducted by Dean Karahalis…  You will also be pleasantly fulfilled… with much spirit and joy as you are enriched with the harmonious tones of the FTC Chorus… Featuring arrangements for choir, under the dynamic and creative direction of Jeffrey Lipton.  Rise up to this springtime occasion that is sure to bring light and colorful energy into the season…!

     Dean Karahalis has performed with the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, New York Lyric Choir, Goldovsky Opera and is Musical Director/Founder of the New York Brass Choir. He is an artist-clinician for the Conn-Selmer Musical Instrument Company and has performed extensively as a guest conductor and soloist throughout the United States.  Dean Karahalis is the founder of the Concert Pops as well as the conductor and musical director. His vivacious and passionate style draws the audience into each performance.  Mr. Karahalis and the Concert Pops will encase you in the music and fill the very air with their intense energy..! 

     Professor Jeffrey Lipton, Music Chair Director for the Theatre Arts Division at Five Towns College, as well as being an ‘Expert Choral Director’ featuring this powerful 80 member Choir…!  Let the excitement of springtime begin on this evening with energetic performances under the direction of Professor Lipton’s dynamic and enthusiastic style, that are sure to blossom a refreshing breeze upon you…!


     See you there…!!

 At The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

Call now for tickets…!


Date and Time:  Wednesday, May 2, 7:30 p.m.  *$10 

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Guitar Extravaganza… Salute to Guitar Legend Tony Mottola, Vol. lV Directed by Peter Rogine

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Guitar Extravaganza

Salute to Guitar Legend… 

Tony Mottola Vol. IV

Directed by “Peter Rogine”


     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center is proud to present this special evening of dedication to one of the most sought after and well respected guitarists in the recording and music industry… Tony Mottola.  Tony is most highly recognized for his extensive work with Frank Sinatra and Perry Como, as well as his orchestration on albums for Burl Ives.  He also frequently appeared with the Doc Severinsen Orchestra on The Tonight Show and he composed music for for both film and television…!  It’s no wonder why so many guitar efficionato’s and musicians are looking forward to supporting this night of tribute… To this incredibly extensive resume that earned him renowned title of one of our historical icons… Tony Mottola.  Please join us in this celebration…!

      This evening promises to impress and inspire all guitar enthusiasts, with a presentation of performances under the direction of  one of the finest and most honored expert guitarists, Peter Rogine and John Kelly.  Together they have brilliantly prepared a concert with exact renditions of Mottola’s recordings, and even have included some unreleased archive recordings that have not yet been performed live..!!  To add a touch of excitement, there has been an announcement of a surprise guest artist appearance…!!   To complete this evening of music history and guitar passion, there will be a meet and greet the artists after the concert, where you can also view a collection of classic jazz guitars that will be on display.  Past shows have been standing room only, so make sure to check for seating availability early…

     See you there…!! You know where…

The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

at Five Towns College


Call Now For Tickets:


Date and Time: Thursday, May 3, 7:30 p.m. *10

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Cabaret Favorites and Ballroom Dancing with “The Arnie Gruber Band”

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Cabaret Favorites


Ballroom Dancing…


   “The Arnie Gruber Band”

     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center presents an evening of classic entertainment… Featuring the timeless and beloved catalogue of ‘Caberet favorites’…  This show will capture the melodious standard repertoire that is highly recognized and reveled by all night club performers.  you will have a chance to experience this group of talented vocalists among the student body of the ‘Cabaret Workshop’…  These very dedicated rising stars will deliver shining versions of our most treasured songs, expressing honor to the craftsmanship and origin of some of our finest composers in our music history…

     You will be inspired and richly satisfied as this concert is under the direction of the extremely captivating Arnie Gruber along with his band…  The Show will begin with lively tempo-ed ballroom dancing to put you in the mood for the delightful array of Arnie’s creative presentation.. He is well known for being a dynamic and outstanding entertainer, and is proven to be an instant crowd pleaser…!  Arnie Gruber enriches his audiences with witty banter and warm inviting inspiration that will swing you into the participation of those familiar golden tunes and stylings that you know and love…

    Come on along and get ready to step out for a night of  finely prepared performances  that are sure to whisk you right into the demure setting of classic embodied ‘Caberet’ song and dance…!  A swinging good time for everyone…

Come on down to your very Lovely

& Local theatre…

The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

at Five Towns College

Where the magic of music comes alive…


Call now to reserves you seats…! 631-656-2148

Date and Time: Saturday May 5, 7:30 p.m. * $10

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Five Towns College Jazz Ensembles… Directed by Greg Bobulinski

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Five Towns College Jazz Ensembles

Directed by…

Greg Bobulinski

     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center proudly invites you to an evening of exciting performances, featuring the dedicated musicians of the Five Towns College Jazz Ensembles…  Under the vibrant and tasteful musical direction of renowned trumpeter Professor Greg Bobulinski…  This concert has been precisely prepared to deliver nuances of various Jazz styles, including an outstanding selection of many genres of the very vast repertoires and collections… From the sultry and soulful Blues, the golden treasures from the Great American Songbook and Standards, Dixieland inspired Jazz, and contemporary flavors of Modern and Fusion Jazz …

    You are going to be thrilled and filled with chills, with this dynamic and energetic variety of performances…  It’s the wonderful live Big Band Jazz that brings great inspiration to audiences and forces you to sit up in your seat and take notice of the great appreciation for the magic and genius of our musical history, that resonates exuberant brilliance with each and every song and each and every note played… Don’t you just love that big wall of sound…!!

     Please come out and join us in honoring the very dedicated efforts of this talented musical director, Professor Greg Bobulinski and the best of the FTC Jazz Ensembles… See you there…!


Call Now to reserve your tickets…! 631-656-2148

Date and Time:  Monday May, 7 5:00p.m.  *FREE

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Evening of Jazz… with The Five Towns College Orchestra & Swing Band *Directed b