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Recent Tremendousness.

10 Movies That Could Have Ended With 2 Texts.

Tremendous story on Jan 23rd, 2012
1. Free Willy 2. Home Alone 3. Saving Private Ryan 4. Gladiator 5. Dumb and Dumber 6. The Sixth Sense 7. The Lion King 8. Back To The Future 9. Lord Of The Rings 10. Avatar Follow me on twitter here. Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="/img/spacer.gif">

The 10 Annoying Phrases You Need To Stop Using.

Tremendous story on Aug 27th, 2010
I'm betting she says 'epic' Ever since English was invented, there’s been a swath of phrases that annoy everyone. Like that? Swath? I read books now. I asked my tiny friends on Facebook for suggestions on some of their most hated...

10 Signs You’re A Facebook Stalker.

Tremendous story on Aug 11th, 2010
This is actually how creepy you are. Right now, you probably think you’re normal. Nice. Decent. Human. Ha! Hilarious. I know you.  Beneath your cheery smile is dark nerdy evil.  And your satanic lord is Facebook.  Once you log on, you can’t...

5 Signs You’re About To Be Blocked.

Tremendous story on Jul 27th, 2010
A common scene in my life. (Except with way fatter chicks) Have you ever been blocked by someone on Facebook or Twitter? Don’t answer. That was rhetorical, dopey. You’ve been blocked. There’s been a point in time where someone...
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Tremendous Coverage.
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E1 - Business 7 Ways Facebook Has Let You Down. spacer
  My girlfriend kind of looks like this girl, but hotter. And angrier. Especially when I call her 'my girlfriend' This weekend, I was talking to my girlfriend about how Facebook isn’t fun anymore.   Wait. Let’s reset. Honesty now. This weekend, I was talking to a girl I call my...
C7 - Life The 7 People You Meet In School. spacer
While trying to round Pi to the thirteenth digit, this young ladys head exploded. Glitter was everywhere. Shocking revelation. I own two degrees. A Bachelors of Science and an MBA. Today, I find myself making 87 cents a day blogging. I’m living proof school’s for suckers. Here are a few...
A9 - Technology The 5 Worst DMs: Which Ones Have You Sent? spacer
It’s exciting to get a DM on Twitter. Don’t lie. You think it’s exciting to get a DM on Twitter. When I get one, I rush to check who sent it. In my mind, I always think it’s Evan Williams, the CEO of Twitter, who will write and say: Hey Tremendous News, I’ve been monitoring...
D1 - Entertainment The 25 Steps To Become An Internet Celebrity. spacer
1. You tell your friends you’re going to be an Internet Celebrity. 2. You start a blog, and in the About Me section, you use a picture of yourself in front of a mirror where you can still see the camera. 3. You start a twitter account, and for the profile picture, you use a picture of yourself... is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.