Why Behind the Curtain?


In the “Wizard of OZ” there was a man behind the curtain who showed people that they already had everything they needed and desired… Behind the Curtain is a BlogTalkRadio program where our guests include those hero’s and champions who dedicate themselves to making a difference in the lives of people and our animal / pet companions. Most of these organizations are well known and make amazing differences in their communities, but the people behind the curtain, those that spend countless hours, often don’t seek the spotlight and we want to share their stories and passion with you.

Why? … In 2010 I spent several months traveling across the United States visiting various animal / pet organizations and meeting the most amazing people. I began writing those stories, but quickly realized that these organizations and people were so much bigger than I could capture in written words. So, I began broadcasting these interviews in the Spring of 2011 and each week got a little better at my craft.

Now as our audience continues to grow I felt it was time to create a dedicated site for the program. Here we will be able to not only showcase each weeks guest, but provide a resource for researching previous programs and links to the amazing people and organizations that appear.

Whether you listen live, here on the site, or from the iTunes podcast area, enjoy our conversations, it’s ok to be stimulated, engaged, and maybe you’ll find yourself taking actions you’ve only thought about.

Be Amazing,

- Ken Sipes


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