All of life from conception until natural death is a seamless garment
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Pro-Life Links

I believe all Christians should subscribe to the consistent life ethic which opposes the taking of human life, whether with abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, or what. This particularly applies to Quakers (Friends). Did you know that many of the early suffragist/feminist leaders in the U.S. were raised as Quakers and that they were strongly anti-abortion? Here are some pro-life resources on the Internet which cover abortion as an issue:

  • Maryland-D.C. Area Pro-Life Events
  • Reflections on Personal Discernment: The Abortion Issue by Bill Samuel
  • The Sacrament of Conception by Dorothy T. Samuel
  • Consistent Life - coalition uniting many organizations which support the consistent ethic of reverence for life; formerly known as the Seamless Garment Network
  • LifeNews - good source for abortion-related news from a pro-life perspective
  • Pro-woman, PRO-LIFE - Carolyn Gargaro's pro-life page - connects to a lot of good, progressive pro-life material.
  • harmony: voices for a just future - an independent journal promoting a consistent ethic of reverence for life.
  • Pro-Life and Feminist Articles
  • Life Dynamics, Inc.
  • No violence period - collection of consistent life ethic articles.
  • Meehan Reports - material from award-winning consistent life ethic writer and speaker Mary Meehan.
  • After Abortion - Information on the aftereffects of abortion and post-abortion healing, including research on post-abortion issues, resources, and testimonies.
  • Safe Haven - a place for healing from the trauma of abortion.
  • Project Rachel is the post-abortion healing ministry of the Catholic Church.
  • Pro-Life Scripture Selections
  • LifeLinks - a consistent life ethic, pro-feminist oriented listing of pro-life resources.
  • Turn the Clock Forward - a blog for progressive pro-lifers.
  • Libertarians for Life
  • Abortion Information Page - categorized listing of abortion-related information.
  • Viva Pro-Life - much information on fetal development and large number of pro-life links (Warning: takes a long time to load).
  • Feminism and Nonviolence Studies Association - includes complete text of Rachel MacNair's book, Achieving Peace in the Abortion War: Predictions on Possible Social Impacts of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Cognitive Dissonance as Structural Stressors
  • Silent No More Awareness Campaign - women who have had abortions speak out
  • (English language) & (Japanese language) - a wealth of articles and news reports on life-related issues, from a Catholic perspective
  • Prayer Adoption: Targeted Prayer Fighting the Culture of Death - seeking "spiritual parents" for pro-abortion leaders
  • Priests for Life
  • Susan B. Anthony List - PAC for pro-life women.
  • Baby Picture Project
  • Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia
  • Vida Humana Internacional - en Español (in Spanish).
spacer Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online - "Because real choices demand real alternatives." - resources for women with problem pregnancies or who have had abortions.
spacer Feminists for Life of America - a national organization of consistent life ethic feminists.
spacer National Coalition for Life and Peace - promotes non-violence pledge
Abortion Facts - extensive pro-life resources.
Amor a la Vida - en Español (in Spanish).

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