Feng Shui Space-Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies


Does the energy in your home or office feel negative or “off”? 

Are you uncomfortable in your space – but don’t know why?

Is it time to clear the air and bring harmony and health into your surroundings? 

The time is right for a Feng Shui Space-Clearing
when you wish to:

  • clear predecessor energy from your environment,
  • transform negativity that remains after traumatic events such as divorce, illness or death;  
  • get energy moving in areas of your space where it feels stuck,
  • activate positive energy in a new home or office.

This powerful Cleansing ceremony transforms negative energy to create a clear atmosphere where you can function at your best.

Ann’s proven techniques have helped her clients sleep through the night, attract healthy relationships, and turn unhealthy businesses into thriving concerns.

The recommended adjustments from a Feng Shui consultation also work most effectively when done in conjunction with a Space-Clearing, because your environment is open to receiving the new energies.

A Feng Shui Cleansing is often done in combination with a Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony

This beautiful ritual celebration brings your space into harmony with your goals, honoring and activating your dreams with power and intention.

Both of these ceremonies are appropriate for home and office environments.  Family members and employees are welcome to participate.

Fees for Feng Shui Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies vary; please inquire.  Travel fees may apply for locations outside Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We respect your privacy. All Feng Shui consultations are completely confidential.

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