Patience is a Virtue

Author: Sara Mueller


spacer … that M.K. has in spades.   She sat tonight and hand stitched the fastenings for the bodice roughly two and a half times.  As in did them once, we didn’t like them.  She pulled half of one side out, we didn’t like it.  She pulled all of one side out, and redid the whole side.  SUCCESS!  Then she did the shoulder straps, hand top-stitched them so they’d lie perfectly, and finally took this picture.  A preview and progress picture.

This is the bodice, a bit of the hair pieces I made while M.K. hand top-stitched patiently away, the underskirt, and the front drape of the overskirt.  The back half is cut, FrayChecked, and waiting to be sewn up tomorrow in the morning.  I’m planning to take my sewing machine to Edgefield if I don’t finish the overskirt before then, since I’ll be out there until the first wearing of this dress and will wear it there on Saturday night.

By OryCon I’ll have some more decoration done on it, as well as the overskirt finished.

To date I’ve used an entire large spool of thread, ten yards of silk, two and a half yards of black lace fabric, three and a half yards of acetate lining, a yard of denim, four yards of hoop wire, four yards of white cotton, ten spiral steel bones, two packets of bias tape, just shy of ten yards of eyelet ruffles, a yard of black lace ribbon, a yard of gauze ribbon, six silk roses, and have broken two sewing machine needles.



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One Response to “Patience is a Virtue”

  1. spacer Kath Says:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 8:08 am

    It looks GORGEOUS!

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