Winning the Chinese Middle Class

Edited by Filip Lau & Mads Holme

China is perhaps the single biggest enigma in the business world today. Its potential as a market for all kinds of goods, from electronics to beverages, from toys to medical devices, is unparalleled, yet at the same time, the Chinese consumer who should potentially buy all of these goods remains a mystery. Saying that Chinese consumers are different from others is easy and, of course, stating the obvious. But achieving a detailed understanding of this difference that goes beyond standard definitions—and, more importantly, a strategy for how to succeed in the face of it—is a much more vexing challenge to ensure future growth.

Suzhi Kids - An inside look at the new generation of children and parents in China

With China’s rapid modernization, middle-class parents are caught between new and traditional ways of parenting. The mantra over the past few decades that Chinese children don’t play or have fun is now challenged by the government's promotion of suzhi, best translated as “comprehensive development.”

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Observing China Through Real People: An Ethnographer’s Notes from the Field

Economic change in China will move hundreds of millions of households from poverty to prosperity. But what does everyday life look like for a Chinese family? One of our ethnographers shares some intimate experiences from a meeting with a middle-class man who has lived through the country’s enormous transformation.

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