Seth Kimbrough

Noctis Cranks Interview

Seth going for a ride on a Russian escalator.

Shadow: Hey buddy! How have ya been?
Seth: I’m good! Missing Ryan Chadwick.

Shadow: I heard your shoulder’s been bothering you, how’s that going?
Seth: The shoulder is good! A little pain but getting better everyday. I can ride now, so I’m stoked!

Shadow: You just went to LA to film for Dan’s Comp, how was that?
Seth: The trip was awesome! I always love filming with Stew Johnson.

Shadow: Got anything cool coming up in the next few months?
Seth: Yeah I got a few things lined up. Also trying to do some filming around my area as well.

Putting his signature Noctis cranks to use on a rough ledge in Russia.

Shadow: How have the cranks been working out?
Seth: The cranks are amazing! I’m really hard on cranks but I can honestly say I have yet to do anything to these. They’re super strong!

Shadow: What was the inspiration behind the Noctis cranks?
Seth: When I was younger I always rode alloy cranks. I loved them, but there were constant issues like the pedals stripping out the arms and the fact that they were super noisy. The trade off though was that they never came loose due to the two pinch bolts, and the arms never broke or bent like chromoly arms did. I rode those cranks for years, they were great cranks, but they would still be noisy and had a good bit of flex to them.

The plan behind the making of the Noctis cranks were to take all the stuff I loved about the alloy cranks I rode in the past and try to perfect them. We modified the bad parts and threw out the unnecessary stuff. With that said, the outcome was even better than I had hoped for! What I thought made the biggest difference was going with the splined, 22mm spindle. The spindle no longer works like a wedge trying to split the arm, the splines lock together and keep it from flexing and squeaking like my previous cranks. I wanted to change up the look of the crank the best we could but keeping the double pinch bolts. In the end, the cranks turned out amazing and I couldn’t be happier!

Shadow: What is the favorite part about your cranks?
Seth: The look of the arms. I think they look so sick! Haha.

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Have you been getting much feedback from other riders about them?
Seth: Yeah, a ton. Everyone that has been riding them, love ‘em.

Shadow: Are any of your friends rocking them?
Seth: All the local riders around here ride them. They love that they put them on and never have to mess with them again.

Shadow: What do you think about this contest we have going on?
Seth: I think it’s great! I wish there was stuff like this when I was younger! I can’t wait to pick a winner.

Shadow: When are we going on a trip together?
Seth: Tomorrow?

Shadow: Thanks for taking the time out Seth. Got anything else to say?
Seth: Nothing really new. Just changing everything up you know… gotta keep it fresh Chadwick!
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