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Microsoft is fiercely competitive, but the field is more challenging. Microsoft is competing with Google on search via its Bing effort and Apple in the mobile market. Meanwhile, the software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services. The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.

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Cheap and easy ways for Microsoft to give Metro apps a boost


Microsoft needs to get people into its app store and get them downloading apps. The best way to do this would be to give all Windows 8 users some complementary credits to spend in the store.

published 39 minutes ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

4 Comments Vote

Microsoft completes Yammer deal: Open arms to the Office team


Microsoft and Yammer are together at last, in holy matrimony. The deal is closed and Yammer formally enters the Office division.

published 56 minutes ago by Zack Whittaker

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Thoughts and Teases on Business, Customers and Heterogeneous Things


This is a teaser of posts to come on some of the work and thinking I'm doing on CRM related acquisitions, definitions of things like customer experience, CRM, customer engagement, big data and a few things that I think would be of interest for you. Consider this a series of excerpts from posts I haven't written yet.

published 3 hours ago by Paul Greenberg

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Microsoft readies Wedge Mouse, Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Windows 8 launch


The new input devices surfaced briefly on Best Buy's website: $60.99 for the mouse, $68.99 for the keyboard.

published 5 hours ago by Sean Portnoy

9 Comments Vote

Only Android can refloat Nokia's sinking ship


Nokia suffers a massive operating loss, and its share price has fallen over 80 percent since February 2011. Only Android can now save the company.

published 5 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

62 Comments 1 Vote

Nokia: It may be time to turn out the lights


The latest quarterly numbers are in for Nokia and they are grim indeed. Looking back it is easy to see how the company has come to the position it now holds, but the future is what matters to Nokia's survival.

published 6 hours ago by James Kendrick

29 Comments 2 Votes

Nokia Q2: By the numbers


Nokia's second-quarter was bad. Let's not deny that. But the results were mixed, and on the whole not as bad as expected. Here are the numbers you need to know.

published 7 hours ago by Zack Whittaker

10 Comments Vote

Building a private cloud with System Center 2012: Part 2


The next stage in our investigation of Microsoft's Private Cloud Evaluation Software bundle involves deploying and configuring a series of Integration Packs that allow the various System Center tools to work together.

published 10 hours ago by Alan Stevens

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Even at $699, Ultrabooks are still overpriced


Is a $699 price tag low enough to encourage people to buy Ultrabooks? Given the competition, and all the cheaper tech available, I don't think so.

published 11 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

35 Comments 1 Vote

Difference of v0.2: How Microsoft shot its mobile foot off


Mobile OS version numbers illustrate the difference between Apple's understanding of consumer desires versus Microsoft's techie mentality in announcing Windows Phone 7.8.

published 12 hours ago by Howard Lo

26 Comments 4 Votes

Microsoft also warns of fake Skype malware app on Android


Cybercriminals recently created a fake Skype app for Android that is really malware in disguise. Microsoft, which owns Skype, has finally caught on and is warning its users about the threat.

published 16 hours ago by Emil Protalinski

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Daily Cuppa: Windows 8, Apple-Samsung and IBM earnings


Good morning! Overnight we got the latest news on Windows 8, the on-going Apple vs. Samsung saga and IBM's results.

published 20 hours ago by Josh Taylor

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Will EU regulators dump cold water on the Windows 8 launch party?


Microsoft announced today that Windows 8 will be ready for the public on October 26. But antitrust regulators in the European Commission are threatening to spoil the celebration with a new investigation triggered by rival browser makers.

published 22 hours ago by Ed Bott

59 Comments Vote

Are you opportunistic or strategic with your cloud investments?


Cloud computing is a big priority for 35 percent of enterprises. But, how do you ensure your strategy is sound and you're not getting caught up in market hype? James Staten introduces you to Forrester's Cloud Computing Playbook.

published 22 hours ago by Phil LeClare

1 Comment 1 Vote

How Microsoft can salvage Windows 8 before it's too late


Here's what Microsoft should do if it wants to prevent Windows 8 from going down in history as a Vista-like flop.

published 24 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

116 Comments 6 Votes

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