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  • spacer 0:53 "Baseball's Miracle Man" britannica 101 visualizzazioni 2 sett. fa Pete Gray, who lost his right arm at the age of 6, played left field for the St. Louis Browns during the 1945 baseball season. In this Universal Newsreels excerpt from May ...
  • spacer 0:30 Did You Know: Owls spit up pellets. britannica 179 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa An owl's stomach cannot digest the bones and fur of the animals that it eats, so it spits them up in the form of pellets.
  • spacer 0:30 Did You Know: Kangaroos can box. britannica 138 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa Kangaroos battle each other, as well as humans and dogs that they see as threats.
  • spacer 1:46 What produces a feeling of weightlessness during a power dive? britannica 123 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa A description of weightlessness and how astronauts prepare for it.
  • spacer 0:54 What are extremophiles? britannica 75 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa Kara Rogers, Senior Editor, Biomedical Sciences, discusses the definition of extremophiles.
  • spacer 0:48 Did You Know: Crickets can tell you how warm it is outside. britannica 76 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa You can use the chirps of some crickets to tell the temperature.
  • spacer 0:33 Did You Know: Ronald Reagan was an actor. britannica 62 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa Ronald Reagan was an actor before he became a politician. His nickname, "The Gipper," came from one of his acting roles.
  • spacer 0:43 Did You Know: One man's home saw the Civil War "begin" and end. britannica 66 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa It is said that the American Civil War began in Wilmer McLean's kitchen and ended in his parlor.
  • spacer 0:42 Did You Know: People built bomb shelters during the Cold War. britannica 56 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa During the Cold War Americans prepared for nuclear warfare by building bomb shelters and practicing to "duck and cover."
  • spacer 0:43 Did You Know: David was carved out of nearly ruined marble. britannica 74 visualizzazioni 1 mese fa In 1501 Michelangelo began carving a block that another sculptor had abandoned. By 1504 he had turned it into a masterpiece.

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