Media That Matters: A CC Case Study

2008 — 6:04 mins

Creative Commons and Arts Engine have teamed up to create a video explaining how CC has helped filmmakers in the Media that Matters film festival.

In this short produced by Intelligent Television, you can hear from established film makers on why CC is a crucial part of their work flow and perspective on creating new media.


Media That Matters: A CC Case Study is available in several formats:

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  • Uncompressed Quicktime (1.13gb .torrent)


To view subtitled versions, or to contribute a translation, visit the dotSub page for this video.


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Media That Matters: A CC Case Study, made in partnership with Creative Commons,, and Intelligent Television, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Please attribute all partners and link back to this page when providing attribution.


  • Leah Sapin – Arts Engine & Media that Matters Film Festival
  • Fred Benenson – Creative Commons
  • Dean Jansen – Miro / PCF


  • Grace Lile – WITNESS / The Hub
  • Jen Simmons – Bush 4 Peace
  • Niaz Mosharraf – America for Dummies
  • Jeremiah Alexis – America for Dummies
  • Elizabeth Mandel – Arctic Sun
  • Gina Telaroli – Every Third Bite

Video Production


Intelligent Television


David Frankfurt


Jonathan Smith


“The Great Pumpkin (remix) instrumental” by Lens Tamana
2006 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

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