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Shimomura Arrangement Competition - Deadline Approaching!

spacer Posted by Tim on Oct 25, 2009
spacer Attention arrangers!  The deadline to submit your entry into our Yoko Shimomura arrangement competition is tomorrow (Monday, October 26th) at 9:00 PM US Central Time.  For all the details on how to submit your entry, please see the official competition forum thread.  Good luck to all!
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Yoko Shimomura Arrangement Competition Underway!

spacer Posted by Tim on Jul 31, 2009
spacer People have been asking for another arrangement competition for some time now; so here it is! Yoko Shimomura is a veteran of the video game music world. She has composed such masterpieces as "Super Mario RPG," "Legend of Mana," "Mario & Luigi" and the legendary "Kingdom Hearts!" She is a master composer with a large resume of titles. This competition is completely in honor of Ms. Shimomura. So read all about it on our forums, whip out some staff paper and get to it!
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OverClocked ReMix Releases New Final Fantasy IV Rearrangement Album

spacer Posted by Tim on Jul 21, 2009
spacer Our friends over at OverClocked ReMix have just released their 14th project album -- a rearrangement of Nobuo Uematsu's legendary Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version.  The album is entitled Final Fantasy IV : Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption and it can be obtained via free download from OCR's site.  Fans of Uematsu will not want to miss this album, which features contributions from over 40 artists and over three full hours of music.  Read the full story for the entire press release, video links, and more.
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Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Now Available, In Stock!

spacer Posted by Tim on May 26, 2009
spacer The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections album is now available and in stock for purchase at our store.  It consists of 12 of the most popular tracks from Kingdom Hearts composed by Yoko Shimomura.  Shimomura describes the album as "consisting of easy listening piano solo arrangements."  No word on any accompanying sheet music books as of yet, but we'll definitely carry it when and if it is released.

We'll be adding more new CDs and sheet music books to our site and store in the next few days!
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SquareSound to be Redesigned, Revamped

spacer Posted by Tim on Apr 09, 2009
spacer First off, I want to apologize for the lack of significant updates to the site in the last few months.  This has been caused partially by an insane work schedule, but also by a lot of work I've been doing behind the scenes for the past couple of months to prepare for a large-scale revamp of SquareSound.

Those of you who are still active at our forums know what I'm talking about.  For the rest of you, here's what's coming down the pipe in the very near future at SquareSound:
  • Complete Site Redesign - A completely new look and feel for the site that will make it more attractive, easier to navigate, and more functional than ever.

  • New Community-Based Focus - This is the big one.  Everything we do at SquareSound will be focused on getting the community involved.  What exactly does this mean?  Here's the general idea:

    1. The arrangement archive will be merged with our forums.  Members will be able to post their own arrangements, and other members will be able to rate and comment on them.

    2. New Video Directory - Users will be able to post their own videos right on the site.  These can be musical performances, interviews, snippets of concerts, or anything else music/game related.

    3. Reward Points - Members of the SquareSound Community will constantly be earning reward points for participating in the community.  Points are awarded for things like posting new threads, replying to posts, posting arrangements, helping new members, adding a video, adding a blog entry, and many more.  These reward points will be redeemable for cool forum upgrades like new icons, signatures, user titles, or even gift certificates or other items from our store.

    4. Blogs - Members will be able to create and maintain their own personal blogs/journals for others to read and comment on.  Posting in your blog also earns reward points.

    5. Much more!
All of these changes should be rolled out within the next several weeks.  The biggest transition will be the arrangement archive, which will take some time to get fully ported over.  For those of you that have contributed to the archive, I encourage you to please join our forum community now if you haven't already done so.  In order to get rewards for your arrangements, you'll need to post them yourselves.  I'll be opening up the forums to post arrangements very shortly, so the sooner you join, the better.

I also encourage everyone else interested in video game music to join our forums today and start becoming an active member of our community.  Reward Points are being earned right now! You don't have to wait for the redesign to start accruing points.  While we haven't yet finalized the items you can "buy" using your points, you will still earn them starting right away.

Thanks, and we hope to see you on the forums!

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