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Last updated June 08, 2012 06:47, by Manuel Siggen

Welcome to the JAXB 2.x Commons project. This project is part of Project Metro and is in the Glassfish community at

This project aims to:

  • collect convenient utility code around JAXB 2.0
  • collect useful plugins around JAXB 2.0 (until they grow out of this project)

Active Plugins

  • JAXB2 Basics Plugin package - ToString, Equals, HashCode, Copyable, Mergeable plugins and more.
  • JAXB2 Basics Annotate plugin adds arbitrary Java annotations to the generated code.
  • Fluent API plugin
  • Value Constructor plugin
  • Commons Lang plugin
  • Default Value plugin
  • Namespace-prefix plugin
  • xjc-clone add clonable
  • xjc-ii create interface
  • xjc-transient marks <transient> customizations XmlTransient
  • xjc-tostring pretty print toString method

Other Extensions, tools and plugins

This project mostly hosts small plugins. There are other bigger JAXB plugins/tools on, as well as other plugin projects around the net:

  • Hyperjaxb3 - relational persistence for JAXB objects
  • JAXB workshop
  • Enhanced Property Listener Injection plugin
  • @XmlElementWrapper plugin

Dormant plugins and utilities

These are plugins that are not currently maintained, but where the source code is still available in the old "subversion 0" repository.

  • Property listener (AKA bound properties) injector plugin
  • CamelCase Always plugin
  • Simple regenerator plugin
  • Jelly plugin
  • Collection setter injector plugin</a></li>
  • Interface Insertion plugin</a></li>
  • Allow error location to be reported as XPath
  • JAXB API annotation mock beans

Join us!

If you are interested in hosting your utility/plug-in/tool etc, please write to so that we can arrange things. See this document for more about how to host your plugin.

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