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I am...


spacer ... a Programmer at CloudFlare
spacer ... Founder (at large) of Electric Cloud
spacer ... Director of Plan 28
spacer ... a member of the Virus Bulletin advisory board
spacer ... creator of UseTheSource
spacer ... author of The Geek Atlas
spacer (my bio)

Latest Free Software Versions


The following are the latest versions of my software (clicking the software name takes you to its home page; clicking the version takes you directly to the download):

spacer POPFile v1.1.3a (12 September 2011)
spacer GNU Make Standard Library v1.1.1 (9 May 2012)
spacer shimmer v0.1.0 (7 January 2008)
spacer GNU Make Debugger v1.0.2 (5 April 2006)
spacer quepasa v0.0.1 (13 May 2004)
spacer tumbler v0.2.0 (28 October 2004)

Archived Content


Content that is still available on line, but that is no longer maintained.

spacer The Spammers' Compendium (The Spammers' Compendium is now being maintained here)
spacer Anti-spam Tool League Table
spacer Old page of articles I've written
spacer Old page of speaking




The Geek Atlas

spacer With this unique traveler's guide, you'll learn about 128 destinations around the world where discoveries in science, mathematics, or technology occurred or is happening now. Travel to Munich to see the world's largest science museum, watch Foucault's pendulum swinging in Paris, ponder a descendant of Newton's apple tree at Trinity College, Cambridge, and more. Each site in The Geek Atlas focuses on discoveries or inventions, and includes information about the people and the science behind them.

GNU Make Unleashed

spacer 230 pages of GNU Make from basics to advanced. Covering topics not covered in other GNU Make books such as: eliminating recursive make, doing arithmetic, Makefile debugging techniques and more.

Everything you wanted to know about making real Makefiles.

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