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In Soviet Russia, the Wikimedia Analytics team welcomes you. We're currently working on building a Data Services Platform (codenamed Kraken) to power the next-generation of intelligence and analytics, as well as a new and wondrous Reportcard.

If you're enthusiastic about analytics, we gently suggest you subscribe to the Analytics Mailing List (don't worry, it's low-traffic).


  • 1 Planning & Research
  • 2 Projects
    • 2.1 Kraken
    • 2.2 Reportcard
    • 2.3 Pageview Analytics
    • 2.4 Data Generation
  • 3 Infrastructure
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 See also

[edit] Planning & Research

  • 2012-2013 Roadmap
  • Research Hub
  • Team Bookmarks

[edit] Projects

[edit] Kraken

  • "Kraken" is the codename for the cluster and software which powers the Data Services Platform.
  • Project Info
  • Hardware Planning docs
  • Latest status:
    [edit status][add new]
    Andrew Otto has performed several preliminary benchmarks on a 10 node CDH3 cluster. We plan to do more benchmarking with CDH 4 and Datastax Enterprise.

Focused has recently switched to building, testing and deploying Facebook's scribe as an eventual replacement for udp2log. We are investigating the use of scribe initially for Lucene search query logging.

[edit] Reportcard

  • The Reportcard is a visual dashboard of high-level metrics on the health and success of the various Wikimedia projects. It is powered by a new graph-building framework under heavy development.
  • Site (beta):
  • Project Info
  • Latest status:
    [edit status][add new]
    Erik Zachte and Fabian Kaelin prepared the June Reportcard for the monthly Metrics Meeting. David Schoonover worked on adding d3.js support to Limn and is preparing to publish the project's source code on

[edit] Pageview Analytics

  • Mobile
  • GLAM

[edit] Data Generation

  • Log Filters

[edit] Infrastructure

  • stat1 server
  • Cluster hardware planning docs

[edit] Notes

  • OAuth

[edit] See also

Metrics definitions

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