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spacer spacer Mohamed Haamdi07/20/12
0 replies

TweetDeck : Part 1 Conception

If you don’t know TweetDeck , it’s a very popular app to check Twitter. It is created with Adobe Air for the Desktop versions(Windows,Mac) and native for mobile.

spacer spacer Adam Benoit07/19/12
0 replies

Windows Phone App: Age Tracker(Source Code)

This is the beginning of a tutorial series showing you how he developed apps for Windows phone. This one is called Age Tracker

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/19/12
0 replies

Windows Phone: Shake (it)

In this article I will talk about Windows Phone Shake gesture. Microsoft provides Shake gesture library which is available in AppHub.

spacer spacer Karthikeyan Anb...07/18/12
0 replies

Windows Phone 7:Working with Telerik RadMessageBox Controls

Here in this article we will see how to use the RadMessageBox Telerik control, in this series we will explore using each and every control which will help us to select the best control for developing application for Windows Phone 7.

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/18/12
0 replies

Windows Phone: Binding Contact Image to ListBox

In previous article Part 67 - Windows Phone - Get Contact Details I discussed how to get contact details. In this article I will explain how to get image from Contacts and bind it to ListBox.

spacer spacer Simon Jackson07/18/12
0 replies

XNA: The future is bright, the future is Managed

I’ve been involved with several XNA related efforts and in talks with some other teams and I can now come forward with details on them, some are still rumour (but very strong reliable unconfirmed rumours, take what you will from that) others are known facts.

spacer spacer Stephen Forte07/17/12
1 replies

Hardware is the New Software

The software revolution changed the world in some pretty dramatic ways. The hardware revolution will be even more dramatic. Take it from a guy who lives in Hong Kong with the high tech manufacturing center of the world only a 30 minute train ride away in Shenzhen, China.

spacer spacer Matt Lacey07/17/12
0 replies

What's Going on With WPUG? (Windows Phone)

There's still lots of opportunities for enterprising ideas and with the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 announcements there are some exciting times ahead.

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/17/12
0 replies

Windows Phone: Custom Message Box

In this article we will discuss how to create custom message box in Windows Phone 7. Let the author know if this was helpful by commenting at the bottom of the article.

spacer spacer Mohamed Haamdi07/17/12
0 replies

OAuth With RestSharp in Windows Phone

For this quick tutorial we will be using RestSharp for WP7 and the API from (an entertainment site) to authorize the user.

spacer spacer Adam Benoit07/16/12
0 replies

Windows Phone: Enabling Authentication With Social Media Sites

This article is the first of a series by Adam Benoit, a self taught developer. Here he will show us how to enable authentication using social media sites in Windows Phone.

spacer spacer Mohamed Haamdi07/16/12
0 replies

The Developer’s Guide:Cloud Back Ends

This is a new series that you can expect to see every Monday. Mohamed, a new contributor to DZone, will be comparing/contrasting different Windows Phone tools, services, etc.

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/16/12
0 replies

Windows Phone 7: Global Application Bar

In this article I will talk about global application bar which can be used in multiple pages of application. Let's see what is global application bar.

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/15/12
0 replies

Windows Phone - Double Width Tile

In this short article I will talk about how to create double tile in Windows Phone.

spacer spacer Douglas Rathbone07/14/12
0 replies

Building an Image and Video Viewer for Microsoft Surface 2.0 in No Time At All

I’ve been lucky enough to have access to a brand new Surface 2.0 (Samsung SUR40) recently, and wanted to try my hand at developing for the platform

spacer spacer Senthil Kumar07/12/12
0 replies

ColorPicker Control for Windows Phone (Coding4Fun)

ColorPicker control is part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone. You can easily add the color picker functionality to your Windows Phone App by downloading the Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone and using the ColorPicker control.

spacer spacer Adam Benoit07/11/12
3 replies

Windows Phone: Features Missing or Not Missing? You be the Judge

Recently, an anonymous poster tried to "slay" Microsoft for their Windows Phone platform shortcomings, but did he have his facts straight? Check out this comprehensive list that sets the record straight on 121 Windows Phone features (or lack thereof).

spacer spacer Senthil Kumar07/11/12
1 replies

Windows Phone and PhoneGap: Make a Phone Call (part 1)

In this blog post , i will show you a simple trick to make a phone call to a number using PhoneGap .

spacer spacer Matt Hidinger07/11/12
0 replies

How to Get the Windows Phone User Agent String

On a recent project I needed to extract the windows phone user-agent string for our usage analytics, and it had to be the same user-agent as the IE requests.

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/11/12
0 replies

Windows Phone 7 and Message Box

In this article we will discuss about the MessageBox in Windows Phone 7. We will also talk about cuomizing the MessageBox in Windows Phone 7. We will use Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices to create customize MessageBox in Windows Phone 7.

spacer spacer Senthil Kumar07/10/12
0 replies

How to: Find the Space in Isolated Storage in Windows Phone

The IsolatedStorageFile class in Windows Phone provides the methods that indicate the amount of space (free/total space) for isolated storage.

spacer spacer Greg Duncan07/10/12
0 replies

Project Hawaii Cloud Services SDK Version 2.0 Released

With the Project Hawaii software-development kit (SDK), you can develop Windows Phone applications that take advantage of cloud services and Windows Azure for computation and data storage. Project Hawaii provides the tools and services; you provide the creativity and imagination.

spacer spacer Mikael Koskinen07/09/12
0 replies

Windows Phone Analytics Coming Soon!

Screenshots of Wenus's analytic tool for Windows Phone. It will be released shortly...

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/09/12
0 replies

Tilt effect on HubTile and Other Controls on Windows Phone

In this article I will talk about creating tilt effect in different control in Windows Phone. Implementing tilt effect on controls are easy but few controls like Hubtile, textblock don't create tilt effect itself. We need to little bit work around to achieve.

spacer spacer Sumit Dutta07/08/12
0 replies

Windows Phone: Reminder in Depth

In this article I will discuss how to create Reminder in Windows Phone. I will also deep dive in few other aspects of Reminder feature in Windows Phone.

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