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spacer spacer Dennis Doomen07/20/12
0 replies

If You Write An Article About TDD, Make Sure It Is Correct

Dennis Doomen explains how developers who write about TDD should make sure that the information they share is correct.

spacer spacer Douglas Rathbone07/20/12
0 replies

Replacing Query String Elements in C# .NET and JavaScript

This post is actually more aimed at an audience of 'myself', and my ability to have an easy bit of source code to call upon when I’m on the go looking for a quick solution to cut and paste – as most of my blog posts are. But you, dear reader, you get to share in this benefit with me by pulling from the awesomeness within this post as well.

spacer spacer Anders Abel07/20/12
0 replies

How GoF Brought my Understanding of Object Orientation to Another Level

Anders Able reviews "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" written by the Gang of Four: Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson & John Vlissides.

spacer spacer Tim Murphy07/19/12
0 replies

Review: TypeMock Isolator 7

TypeMock Isolator is a very feature rich add-in for Visual Studio which simplifies unit testing by putting all the features you need right at your finger tips.

spacer spacer Greg Duncan07/19/12
0 replies

RTM SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit Now Available

The SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit is a great resource for developers, trainers, consultants and evangelists who need to understand the key improvements introduced in SQL Server 2012 from a developer perspective.

spacer spacer Filip Ekberg07/19/12
0 replies

Using the C# Interactive Window that comes with Roslyn: Part 2

In the previous post we looked over an introduction to the C# Interactive Window that comes with Roslyn, now let’s have a look at some things in the c# interactive window that will increase your productivity!

spacer spacer Filip Ekberg07/18/12
0 replies

Using the C# Interactive Window that comes with Roslyn

I often find myself wanting to explore new options and see what is possible to do and what is not, at other times I might really need to test something fast just to see if my concept will work. The interactive window in Roslyn helps with this.

spacer spacer Douglas Rathbone07/18/12
0 replies

Dear Microsoft, Please Include Web Deployment Projects in Visual Studio 2012

If you hadn’t noticed, I love Continuous Integration. CI makes up so much of an important part of my development flow that I don’t deploy any other way anymore. It’s a matter of religion for me.

spacer spacer Dror Helper07/17/12
1 replies

Fluent Interfaces in C# – Extension Methods

Dror Helper explains how to create fluent interfaces in C#, that would allow for easy API management and maintenance.

spacer spacer Martin Hinshelwood07/17/12
0 replies

Migrating Data From FogBugz to TFS 2012 Using the TFS Integration Platform

Martin Hinshelwood shows how to migrate data from a FogBugz instance to Team Foundation Server, via a custom CSV Tip Adapter for the TFS Integration Platform.

spacer spacer Nick Haslam07/17/12
0 replies

T-SQL Tuesday: Taking it to the MAX - Aggregate Functions

Aggregate Functions are the topic of this months T-SQL Tuesday. An interesting one, and it made me think about what I’ve done, that could be considered interesting, with relation to Aggregation.

spacer spacer Martin Hinshelwood07/16/12
0 replies

TFS Integration Tools – Issue: AnalysisProvider Not Found

When you are trying to load your custom Adapter you receive a message stating that it does not exist. If you are wondering how to fix this, follow along.

spacer spacer Greg Duncan07/16/12
0 replies

The MOF Gets Cloudy

MOF 4.0 is practical guidance for IT organizations. With the release of version 4.0, MOF now reflects a single, comprehensive IT service lifecycle—it helps IT professionals connect service management principles to everyday IT tasks and activities and ensures alignment between IT and the business.

spacer spacer Filip Ekberg07/16/12
1 replies

Adapting to IoC and DI

In practice, Inversion of Control is a style of software construction where reusable generic code controls the execution of problem-specific code. It carries the strong connotation that the reusable code and the problem-specific code are developed independently, which often results in a single integrated application.

spacer spacer Anders Abel07/16/12
0 replies

What Operations REALLY Thinks of Development

1. They don’t understand deployment. 2. What they do is unqualified compared to what we do. 3. How hard is it really to build a proper backup solution? 4. Just get those firewall rules right!

spacer spacer Martin Hinshelwood07/15/12
0 replies

One Team Project

Martin talked often of the idea of a Project of Projects in Team Foundation Server and with the new feature in Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Server he though it would make sense to revisit.

spacer spacer Greg Duncan07/15/12
0 replies

Minor Update for Visual Studio 2012 RC Released

A new update for the Visual Studio 2012 RC was recently released by Microsoft. Details on how to get it and what it does are inside.

spacer spacer Jalpesh Vadgama07/15/12
0 replies

Free Visual Studio 2012 eBook from Telerik

Visual studio 2012 is in the RC stage and I am exploring it intensely. Visual Studio 2012 is, without a doubt, an excellent editor. It is much more mature and comes with lots of features. Telerik – A well know in third party controls vendor released a free eBook on Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5. You can find lots of time-saving features documented in this eBook.

spacer spacer Greg Duncan07/14/12
0 replies

Digging WPF Data Binding With the "WPF DataBinding References & Tutorials" Wiki

Windows Presentation Foundation has a completely redesigned system for binding data to the UI, and can use a variety of binding sources including CLI objects and XML. Consider this your starting point in the field.

spacer spacer Anders Abel07/14/12
0 replies

IQueryable Read Model Extension Methods

The normalized data model of the database is often not suitable for reading and displaying data. A separate read model used to represent all the data needed to display a page improves performance, so here is how to build it.

spacer spacer Hajan Selmani07/14/12
0 replies

Paging ASP.NET ListView using DataPager without using DataSource Control

I saw question related to this issue asked multiple times in different asp.net forums, so I thought it would be nice to document it here.

spacer spacer Douglas Rathbone07/13/12
0 replies

Visual Studio’s Best Kept Secret – Compare & Update Database Schemas Right in Your IDE

Developers often use third party tools to help them do this job, however depending on what version of Visual Studio you have installed, there may be another option you have overlooked, and it’s baked right into the IDE.

spacer spacer Robert Maclean07/12/12
0 replies

CS MythBusters: Arrays versus Collections

These are two statements I have heard recently and I initially felt are wrong, so to check I myself I decided to research this myth. I am assuming when people say collections they mean classes in System.Collections or System.Collections.Generics.

spacer spacer Willie Wheeler07/12/12
0 replies

Architecture and Conway’s Law

“…organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” —Melvin Conway

spacer spacer Tam Sem07/11/12
0 replies

Going Declarative in C#

Declarative style is one of the proven ways to write clean code. LINQ is an excellent example of declarative style programming that enables the developers to simply state what they want to do. Through this blog post I would like to share my experiments on higher order functions in C#.

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