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Accounting Software provides businesses with the tools necessary to streamline business processes, make transactions manageable, and improve employee efficiency and accuracy.  Below are some of the solutions that would be included in a comprehensive accounting software system:

Accounts payable software allows business to stay on top of their outstanding payments and make sure all their payments are made accurately and on time.  Additionally, businesses can efficiently process invoices, view discounts offered for invoices paid by the discount due date, and run accounts payable reports to conduct analysis of where monetary assets are being used and future cash requirements.

Accounts receivable software allows business to efficiently manage customer activity and ensures timely revenue collection by automating invoice processing. Business can also enhance customer service through instant on-screen access to all account information and generate effective reporting in order to improve cash flow management.

Bank Reconciliation software simplifies the monthly reconciliation process for businesses.  The bank reconciliation software automatically identifies unrecorded transactions and locates differences between the bank statement and the general ledger.  Businesses can also integrate multiple bank accounts, manually post checks if necessary, and view complete and detailed transaction listings.

Bill of Materials software gives businesses the ability to track production costs and accurately compare it to expected costs.  Bill of Materials software can help validate structures and operations and provide notifications of potential problems, estimate manufacturing lead times, and improve structure and routing from CAD or third party systems.  Businesses can generate necessary reports such as where materials are used, full costing reports, and complete routing information.

Budget Management software provides businesses with forecasting and planning tools to help make the most informative decision during the budgeting process.  The budget management software enables businesses to create accurate multi currency forecasts driven by user-defined criteria.  With the option to save multiple reports, businesses can compare their actual reports to their forecasts reports.

Consolidations software offers businesses tools to consolidate multiple ledgers on an as-needed basis.  Users can customize the details for multilevel consolidations, view and print audit trail reports, and consolidate multi currency general ledgers by transactions, net period changes, and account balances.  Businesses can also easily transfer information to other locations without being on the same network.

Credit Card Process Software allows businesses to efficiently authorize and process credit card payments and capture important transaction information within the database.  With the credit card process software, businesses can pre-authorize and charge the customer's credit card at the time of sale, reduce the changes of data entry errors, and archive multiple years of transaction information.

Financial Modules software helps businesses take full advantage of all the data in their financial system and view the big picture.  Generate instant financial reports that have the ability to preview, filter details, and perform actions against transactions.  Set automated notifications for financial triggers to improve employee efficiency in the business's finances.

Fixed assets software simplifies the process of registering assets, managing assets, and depreciating assets.  The fixed assets software offers easy to use templates, allowing users to transfer and dispose of assets based on user defined depreciation schedules.  Each asset is assigned individual tracking ensuring easy traceability of expenditures incurred or income derived from the asset.

FRx Forecaster software allows business to sync financial budgets from multiple departments while saving time and reflecting a accurate and realistic company budget.  The FRx Forecaster software gives businesses to drill down to transaction-level details with the option of straightforward exporting of formulas and values, helping to save time and maximize business resources.

General Ledger software provides businesses with the ability to streamline bookkeeping and accounting transactions.  The general ledger software has the ability to generate income statements, cash flow statements, trend reports, balance sheet, accounts receivables, accounts payable, and payroll which provide important business insights.

Multi Currency software gives businesses a competitive advantage by having the ability to process transactions on any world currency.  Post transactions to the general ledger, generate invoices for customers, and process credit card payment with current exchange, helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Payroll software gives business the options to handle their entire employee payroll within one simple module.  Employers can set up multiple payroll rates, taxes, leave accruals, and employee management such as follow ups and attachments.  Employers can also offer their employees an option for direct deport and personal deductions including 401 K retirement plans and child support.

Project accounting software allows businesses to manage all the people, processes, and costs for each individual project.  Project managers have the ability to store all project related information such as invoices, in one place.  Project Managers can also create custom reports that show actual costs to help stay within the project budget and offer suggestions for cost savings.

Business Intelligence Software allows businesses to make informed business decisions after viewing business intelligence & analytics reports, improving customer service, and help say in the forefront of the industry by receiving real-time dashboards.

Construction Software offers businesses tools that enhance the efficiency of the business.  The planning team can estimate project accounting, project customization, and field service management.

Customer Relationship Management Software gives businesses comprehensive CRM applications needed to efficiently address their customer's needs and improving the effectiveness of the sales team.  By providing the sales team with Outlook Integration, Offline synchronization, and Wireless PDA access customers won't have to wait too long to receive answers, helping to turn leads into sales.

eBusiness Software provides businesses with the latest web based business solutions.  Comprehensive solutions integrate internal and external businesses management to improve customer satisfaction and increase the bottom line.

Enterprise Software offers businesses tools that help reduce the organization's cost and increase efficiency.  The management team can generate reports to get a comprehensive view of financials, distribution, customer relationship, and human resources.

Human Resources Software provides businesses with tools to efficiently manage their human capital resources.  From managing your payroll including employee benefits to reducing your recruitment costs and streamline talent acquisition, complete human resource software solutions have it all.

Manufacturing and ERP software gives businesses the latest technology so they can efficiently manager every aspect of their businesses.  Comprehensive solutions include supply chain management to help reduce all unnecessary costs, eCommerce to help increase the bottom line, and sales and marketing application to streamline the customer service.

Small Business Software offers small businesses with a comprehensive one stop shop solution.  It includes project management, sales and marketing integration, and human resource management solutions.

Consona Corporation offers accounting software system to small and midsize businesses helps manage the bottom line with all the necessary accounting functions.

Made2Manage Financial Management allows businesses to manage all the important accounting functions by providing important financial management tools.  Businesses can monitor cash flow, generate reports to view accounts payables and accounts receivables.  Project Managers can also use Compusoft Drill Down Tools to carefully use their resources to stay within their budgets, and process employee payroll.

Consona Made2Manage Intuitive provides small and midsize businesses with a comprehensive manufacturing ERP software solution.  It helps integrate the whole business helping to improve efficiency and profitability.

Epicor Software Corporation provides accounting software solutions to maximize productivity in every area of the business, backed by over 20 years of customer service. 

Epicor Financial Management helps businesses successfully manage finances while complying with all mandatory regulations, easily monitor financial conditions, and efficiently make decisions.  Epicor Financial Management offers business tools for general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card processing, multi currency management, fixed asset management, and cash management.

Epicor Sales Management offers businesses the competitive advantage for customer relationship management by providing a system to support complex processes, products and services in one place.

Epicor gives businesses with end to end manufacturing ERP software solution that is necessary for each individual business.  It offers customer relationship management, supply chain management, government compliance management, product data management, production management, human capital management, and enterprise performance management.

Exact Software North America offers small and medium size businesses with accounting software solutions that are necessary in order for is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.