Bringing “It” To The Backdoor

More college papers than ever seem to be including columns on anal sex…

“Those who do participate, men and women alike, report that there exists great pleasure potential in the anus. For men, the prostate becomes stimulated when the anus is penetrated, allowing some men to climax by simply being anally penetrated. Some women, although not as many, are also able to orgasm from being anally penetrated, however these cases are usually supplemented by clitoral stimulation.

Either way, the anus possesses innumerable nerve endings, making anal sex an viable opportunity for sexual satisfaction.

Edward O. Laumann’s The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States found that about 20 percent of heterosexuals have engaged in anal sex and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that number to be closer to 40 percent.

A female GW junior who wished to remain anonymous told me that: “I love having anal sex with my boyfriend, when the time is right. Sometimes you get bored of the same old sex and anal mixes things up and also makes me feel good in a way no other kind of sex does. Even if it’s not actual sex, fingers feel really good too.””

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A Comment On Anal Bleaching Cream

I know, I know I haven’t posted an anal sex tip in a while, but I’ve been dealing with sickness and death in the family, and it’s been taking up all my time and energy. Don’t worry, I will be back. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what you’ve read.

I just added a comment to an earlier post about how to do anal bleaching, which gives a link and a bit of information on where to buy anal bleaching cream. Here’s a link to the comment, which contains a link to the anal bleach.

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Anal Sex and the Technical Virgin


Anal Sex – The Smart Choice – for the Technical Virgin – from google video

Urban dictionary – “technical virgin”

“But one thing I’m not planning on, is getting pregnant. Thats why I choose anal sex. Sure, it hurts a little, and I wind up walking funny for a day or two, but I think my future is worth it.”

And she walks away from the camera, walking funny, and holding her hand to her obviously sore bottom.

The girl who did this very short clip, many years ago, just got fired from PBS when this clip was rediscovered. That’s our society for ya – if your Rush Limbaugh, you can sexually harrass your employee no problemo, but if you ever made a funny dumb video when you were a starving actor, bang, they pull the trigger just like that.

Here’s a free anal porn site about anal sex and technical virgins

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How to Delay Ejaculation

Every guy in the world wants to be able to delay ejaculation, to fuck his partner for a long time. Not every time, you have to remember that (in my experience anyway) women often don’t really want “all night long” sex. It makes them sore, and increases the chance of bladder and yeast infections, which all women are concerned about. And, long, hard sex blows their mind, and there are plenty of times when women want to have a little sex without getting their minds blown. So, delaying ejaculation is something to use appropriately. Use this technique with care.

But, delaying the male orgasm is actually pretty easy, once you know the secret. When you do want to fuck the hell out of your girl, this is how you do it.

When you first enter her, a chain of stimulation starts, an ancient biological rythym that has one goal – to pump semen into her vagina as fast as possible. Your bodies natural penis stimulation hard wiring isn’t designed to give her a long hard fucking, it’s designed to get her pregnant. So, you have to short circuit the natural process, and push your nervous system into a different state, a state in which you stay hard for as long as you want without coming, and have to concentrate on pleasure in order to get yourself to ejaculate.

And, luckily enough, there is an easy way to short circuit the natural fast ejaculation, and it doesn’t involve anything complicated, and sure doesn’t involve concentrating on baseball scores or whatever other lame shit you see joked about on TV or in movies.

It’s just this – when you feel yourself beginning to approach the state in which you could have an orgasm, stop thrusting, and pull out of her. And now you have to wait, outside of her, not overly stimulating your cock, for between 90 seconds to 3 minutes.

And, here’s the real trick. There’s an easy way to do this, and work it into the natural rythym of having sex. Pull out of her, kiss her and rub her body, and then _change positions_. Changing positions, switching to doggy style, or side by side, or whatever new position seems like a good idea. The time you need to change positions is just about exactly the time needed to short circuit the natural penis excitation cycle. And there is something else, involving I think the shift in concentration and body sensation involved in moving into a new position, that blocks the quick ejaculation response. Usually, after doing this you will have your fuck time increased 4 to 8 times.

So, it’s the perfect sex trick. You pull out and change positions, which makes your lovemaking more interesting, playful, memorable, and mind blowing, and at the same time you extend the length of time you can fuck. And, when you have her all softened up and sexed up and mind blown from a long hard fuck, she is in the perfect state to start with anal play and anal sex.

You will need to experiment and practice wioth this a bit yourself. Every man’s body is slightly different, as is every man’s sexual cycles and triggers. But, the idea is sound, tested, and in one form or another has been a recommendation for delaying ejaculation in much of the advanced sexual literature, tantra, and the like around the world. Try it. It works like gangbusters.

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Contemplate the perfect rimjob and sack cleaning this girl could deliver

I've known some girls who could perform the perfect rimjob, who would lick my asshole and balls with devotion and attention to detail, but this girl does make me wonder if future asslickers will be even better than today's best…

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The controversy over fifth base continues, and, anal sex as the most bonding of sex acts

A few days ago I wrote about a jezebel article about the rising popularity of butt sex – the subtheme of the article wa sthat now gorls were being expected to have anal sex too much by overeager guys, and that annal fissures were the resulting increasing trend…

The controversy over fifth base

Well, scallywag and vagabond did a followup article to that piece, entitled, amusingly enough:

Anal sex. How it suddenly became the grim reaper that women are now forced to exact at the mercy of leery men.spacer

A good read, click the link, you'll enjoy it I think. Not long, not sophisticated, the counterarguments and true enough but a bit weak and definitely unsupported. But go ahead, read it, it's part of anal culture now.

And the author left out something very important, which I will mention after the snippet.

Here's some snippets:

Really? Men are wishing to perform anal sex to subjugate a woman? To make her unhappy? To assert their own power? If this were the case I would dare think that instead of a general trend of more anal sex in society it would be the other way round- less anal sex as women realized it was both uncomfortable and demeaning to them. But the trends suggest otherwise, rather it suggests that men and women are more open to such affairs and that we only proceed with them because we are consenting adults who ultimately wish to please our partners as much as we aim to please ourselves.


I think his talk of mutual pleasure seeking and a new culture of sexual exploration is accurate enough, as far as it goes.

But, anal sex does have elements of domination and subjugation in it. Thats what makes it hot.

Here's the part that gets left out – for the people that like it, anal sex is the most incredibly bonding of sex acts that a couple is likely to experience. Even a bad anal experience can be immensely bonding. Frankly it never fails to make me feel incredibly close to a woman, to feel more trust in her, to feel that mushy in love feeling EVEN IF I"VE BEEN WITH HER FOR YEARS.

This is one of teh secrets of anal sex – it makes the man a fucking mushball of love and oxytocin bonding afterwards. It;s not JUST about domination, it's about the feelings of intimacy and yes, love, that come after the shared experience of domination and subjugation, the shared experience of anal sex and anal contact.

Now, this is probably not true for all people – you know, the old theories of tit men and ass men and oral or anal fixations, maybe theres soem truth to it, and for another emotional-sexual "type" anal sex wouldn't trigger that intense bonding. That's something for future sex researcher sto discover.

But – we are discussing anal sex at all right now because it's still the taboo hole – our society is obsessed with anal sex and forbidding anal sex – meaning that perhaps anal is the taboo that triggers bonding for a lot of folks – and fear of pleasure and inappropriate bonding in others.

Girls, something to think about – he wants you asshole in hopes of having something special with you, at the very least, of having a memory that never fades.

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Don’t Use Anal Eze!

There was a good article by Tristan Taormino in her Pucker Up column recently, in which she mentions something that was important enough to bear repeating.

” Anal Eze and lubes like it contain benzocaine (or a similar ingredient), a topical anesthetic—think Ora-Gel for your butthole. They numb your butt so you can’t feel what’s going on; when you use them, you’re more likely to go farther or take something bigger in your ass than you’re ready for. The result: a sore ass, possible tearing and damage to the delicate lining of the anal canal and rectum, and pain—all things that won’t exactly make you want to rush right out and try anal sex again. Plus, on the off chance that the anal penetration is pleasurable, you won’t be able to feel that either.”

Tristan Taormino’s “Sensitive Spots”

She describes anal ease as her “archnemesis” – well, that’s giving it way too much credit. What it is, is a stupid product, don’t use it. It’s not even a particularly good lubricant, in my opinion, at least not the product I tried, maybe there are other versions or names that are better.

She argues against it because it numbs the girls insides and makes injuries, tearing, and discomfort more likely for her afterwards, and that’s probably true. I can’t say that for sure, because it didn’t do so the times that I tried it.

But one thing I do know, it fucks up the sensations of the experience, for her, and definitely for me, or for you, if you happen to be a male. Your dick gets numb, and mostly numb at the tip. You can’t feel her asshole sliding over your cock. Whoever fucking thought this was a good idea?

Some people say it delays ejaculation – well, damn straight it delays ejaculation – frankly, it was so annoying an effect I had to stop fucking and wait till that shit wore off.

It’s a waste of your money. Just get good lube, and practice using it, during regular sex, so it will just always be right at hand when the time for anal sex comes up.

Here’s some free anal porn for ya!

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Here’s Gwen in some anal virgin fucking videos

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Why men need to cheat on their women

Men know why – there's this dammed thing in our brains that says our worth as a man is measured by the the number of women we have fucked, and our ability to seduce new women. It's some ancient veldt thing, for when you might run into strange pussy a few times a year – your genetic worth as  aman is determined by wether you can get strange pussy to get wet and put that wet on your dick.

It kinda sucks. We love you like cazy – but that thing in our brains says we are worthless if we can't prove our veldt virility by banging a little on the side.

Here's some stuff on it – read up and get one guys thoughts on why men need to cheat on their wives, or girlfreinds or what have you.

The men in your study experienced a sharp decrease in the frequency and enjoyment of sex after two monogamous years. Since no one can sustain the kind of thrilling sex couples have in the beginning of a relationship, isn't it a healthy thing that it decreases?

I wish young men got two years of good sex before it dropped off; it's a lot less than that! It may, however, be good that the sexual desire for one's partner weans; it means that we end up staying with our long-term partners for the socioemotional connection and not for the sex. If a couple is going to raise a family, it is the emotional connection that counts, not the sexual.

Our physical desires don't die; they just change from our partner to people other than him/her. We falsely believe that when the sex dies, the relationship has also died. The reality is the opposite; when the sex dies the relationship has just begun.

What about the idea that long-term relationships make sex become deeper, more intimate and more meaningful?

The diminution of sex is simultaneous to one's emotional bonds growing stronger. Long-term partners may have more intimate sex (most just have very little) but when men see a guy or girl who turns them on, it's not intimate and meaningful sex they are craving.

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A porn starlet descriibes her anal preperation routine – PLUS the immodium trick

I came across this video and realized it contained a quite good description of some of the anti anal sex shit accident anal preperations that anal porn girls do before a scene.

And it mentions the immodium trick – so bonus.

The anal sex info is in the first few minutes of the video – so start it, she starts talking about anal pretty quick?

Anyways, they mentium the immodium trick, which is also an anal preperation trick that works with those pink bismuth liquids, that pink liquid stomach and diarhhea medicine stuff. If your girl drinks some of this stuff, immodium or pink bismuth pepto bismol – it will slow digestion, lock processed food in the small intestine, and keep the colon and rectum nice and clean – it's pretty dammed effective.

And guys, this also works if you are planning to get your hot bitch to lick your asshole and rim you the way a girl should rim and honor her man, with her tongue pushed up in tehre as far as she can get it. I use this same trick myself to keep my anus clean for rimming – and i LOVE to get my asshole licked clean by a girl.

Try it – it works.

And girls – now you know a secret – take immodium or other anti-diarrhea medicines before dates and hot nights – even if you aren't planning anal, it keeps your asshole nice and clean, and who doesn't like having a clean asshole?

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“CDC wants you to know that anal sex has gotten really popular”

ya think?

Take, for example, the latest data on anal sex. According to the National Survey of Family Growth, which surveyed thousands of people between the ages of 15 and 44 in 2006-2008, anal sex is really popular with heterosexuals. 44 percent of straight men report having anal sex at least once in their lives, and 36 percent of straight women do too.

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