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Yes, yesterday's White House unveiling of the Clintons' portraits was uncommonly non-partisan and sweet, there was no reason to put the headline "Love In" on the cover, NY Post, because now Gothamist's headache is worse, with visions of swinging couples and key parties. Sigh, why did our eleventh grade teacher make us read a lot of Cheever?

Read the transcript and watch the video from the White House...Gothamist has wondered if the White House transcribers add "laughter" even when there isn't laughing, you know, to make the President feel better: "People in Bill Clinton's life have always expected him to succeed -- and, more than that, they wanted him to succeed. And meeting those expectations took more than charm and intellect -- it took hard work and drive and determination and optimism. And after all, you've got to be optimistic to give six months of your life running the McGovern campaign in Texas. (Laughter and applause.)...Hillary's commitment to public service continued when she left this house. Listen, New York politics is a serious business -- (laughter) -- it's rough business."

NY Post: Bush Now A Bubba Booster; the NY Times on the artist, Simmie Knox and the Washington Post on how Bush keeps getting upstaged (first Reagan, now Clinton). Tien on Hillary's pants suit and Wonkette on Chelsea's hair.

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By Jen Chung in News on June 15, 2004 6:46 AM
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  • Scott

    I saw it on the news. The real news, not this Internet thing. That "(Laughter and applause)" bit could have been transcribed as "(Knee-slapping and guffawing)". Clinton sure is a Southern boy.

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