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Kinect Sports: Season Two All Access Pass


Kinect Sports: Season Two has had, without a doubt, the strongest post-launch support of any Rare game in history. Five downloadable add-on packs were devised, developed and distributed between October 2011 and April 2012, giving all players the chance to expand and improve the Season Two experience in whatever way suits them best.

If you're still playing Kinect Sports: Season Two out of the box without any of this attachable goodness, here's an opportunity to grab all five add-on packs in a single download. Available from today on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the All Access Pass bundles our three paid packs (Basketball, Midnight Mountain and Maple Lakes) with the free Challenge Packs #1 and #2, including all associated achievements and Challenges to send to friends, and ties a neat bow around the lot. Best of all, at 800 Microsoft Points you're effectively getting one of the three paid packs for free!

Check out the original News posts for further details on each pack's contents:

* Basketball Challenge Pack – try out some brand new sport mechanics by slotting three Basketball activities into your game.

* Midnight Mountain Ski Pack – three all-new Skiing slopes to attempt under cover of darkness. Don't worry: floodlights included.

* Maple Lakes Golf Pack – nine more Golf holes to double the size of the Maple Lakes resort. Play a full 18-hole match!

* Challenge Pack #2 – the second pack of six additional sporting activities, from Top Jumps to Darts Vs Zombies.

* Challenge Pack #1 – the initial pack of six bonus activities, one per sport, from Rapid Returner to Champion Chip.

Need more visual reference material? Divebomb into dozens of screenshots in our Kinect Sports: Season Two Gallery, and watch trailers for each pack streaming on our Video page or in HD on our YouTube channel.

True to tradition, we've also produced a brand new All Access Pass trailer:

Kinect Sports: Season Two All Access Pass Trailer

The All Access Pass goes on sale today for just 800 MSP. Hit the link below to find out more on and rack it up for download if you're ready to supercharge your game with hours of outstanding extra content. Please note: all content included in the All Access Pass has previously been (and still is) available to purchase separately, so make sure you don't already own it before buying this compilation pack!

Kinect Sports: Season Two All Access Pass (Xbox LIVE Marketplace)

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