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  • 1 Who We Are
  • 2 Where can you find us?
  • 3 How to get involved?
  • 4 Teams

Who We Are

The Engagement team works with our passionate volunteers, guiding Mozilla's product marketing, competitive insights, creative, design, community, and PR efforts. Just as our community grows each day, we're looking to increase the ways people can learn about our efforts and help contribute to promoting Mozilla. This page highlights our teams, what they do and how to get into contact with them.

Where can you find us?

The easiest way to send a message to Engagement is in one our community mailing lists.

Otherwise, join us on IRC in either of our channels:

How to get involved?

Check out each of the teams below to learn more about the different groups and projects, and how to get involved.


User Engagement
Team Lead: Jane Finette Mailing List: userengagement at mozilla dot com
User Engagement is tasked with building and nurturing direct (1:1) relationships with our users via email and social media, to inform and educate people how to be in control of their own Web experience, and how get the most from our products. Inspiring an actively engaged community to protect the Web as a public resource.

Websites & Developer Engagement
Team Lead: Stormy Peters Mailing List:
The Websites & Developer Engagement community serves the Mozilla mission by promoting open Web-related technologies to developers:
  • We work with product teams to communicate how developers benefit from Mozilla products and open technologies, to achieve our mission and product plans.
  • We provide information, examples, and direct interaction, online and at events, so that developers (within Mozilla and in the broader Web community) understand and adopt open technologies and products.
  • We foster the capabilities of Mozillians to communicate about Mozilla's initiatives and values to developers, so that Mozilla's developer community can grow.

Product Marketing
Team Lead: Mayumi Matsuno Mailing List: macarons at mozilla dot com
Our team is responsible for the promotion and adoption of Mozilla products and the Mozilla vision. Our primary responsibilities include positioning products, defining and implementing go-to-market product strategies, campaigns and activities, market research, and day-to-day marketing efforts in order to drive core product messaging, brand awareness, demand generation and user retention.

Team Lead: Patrick Finch Mailing List: market-insights at mozilla dot com
The team studies external data, bringing insights into Mozilla at the industry, competitor and user level in support of our activities in market. If you have questions about competitors, or market segments, trends and sizing, the Market Insights team is here to help.

Team Lead: John Slater Mailing List: fistbump at mozilla dot com
We communicate the story of Mozilla Firefox and our other products through visual design, copywriting, brand projects and website management.

Team Lead: Melissa Shapiro Mailing List: press at mozilla dot com
The communications team's purpose is to cultivate trust with different communities by communicating Mozilla's story to the press and other media. The team acts a mediator between the company and the wider public, helping users get to know Mozilla by maintaining transparent communication, while maintaining the positive and active voice unique to Mozilla.

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