Aug 7, 2009

SDCCI '09 recapapalooza and photogasm!

As is tradition here at Cool Jerk International, I've uploaded the SDCCI '09 recap, complete with photos and linkylinks!

Next, I want to say thanks to the thousands of people who came by my table this year. Many got a personal introduction to Cool Jerk, many came by to say "hi" and many came with folding money to get some books, T-shirts and whatnot. A few of you brought sketchbooks for me to junk up. Several stopped in to hand-deliver a letter to The Doc. Some came by for interviews, photos or just to stare at me uncomfortably for long stretches of time. It's all good!

I'd like to personally say hi and thanks to Will Bento, Matan Chaffee, Chris and Tara Mobley, David Poller, Armando Vargas, Kim the Catgirl (missed you on Sunday!), Marc Mason, Steve Yatson, Earthdog & the Mrs., Alex Gamboa & the future Mrs., Zachary Simon, Nicole, Dorian Wright, Ming Doyle, Jessiga Nigri, Randy, Ken Rolow, Eric & Jocelyn, Daniel Wiegand, Vincent, PJ Perez, Peter from Newhall, Keith Garcia (KEITH!), Bethany Jordan, Gina D'Angelo, Nicholas, Dennis from Comic Gallery, Larry Williams, Armac (HeroClix hook-up), Carob Sue (who snuck in on Sunday just to say hi), Doug Thigpen, Chris (Pizzaboy) Coleman and Jen, Jamie & Jay, Whitney Matheson, James Sime, Jonathan Solomon, Joe Hughes & Cameron Balint, Eduardo, Richard Foley for extending the comic-con another week, the voluminous Poway Posse (Nathan, Joe, Ben, Barry, Mack, John, Ricky, Robert, Dana, Shaylan and "Laime" by proxy) and I know there were many many more please forgive me but my typing hand is starting to spasm & smoke!

But before I go, I'd be remiss to not give shout-outs to colleagues and allies Kevin Church, JustJenn, Snarkydork, Chris Wisnia & Britton Walters, Ryan Claytor, Paul Friedrich, Ben & Andrea Walker, Daniel & Dawna Steamcrow, Superfro and BavarianErin, Jacie Landeros, David Malki !, Robyn Bremner, John Layman, Deb Aoki, Mick & Holly Gray and Chris Gore (and his daughter Haley). And, of course, to Darlene aka Mrs. The Narrator.

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Jul 17, 2009

Doc Splatter vs. San Diego Comic-Con International!

San Diego Comic-Con International is this week (July 23-26, plus Wednesday the 22nd if you have a four-day pass) and IT SOLD OUT! If you're one of the lucky quarter-million who'll be there, here's the skinny:

spacer • Debuting at SDCCI: my THIRD Cool Jerk collected edition Doc Splatter Ominous Omnibus! This book, if I may be so bold, is easily the best $8 you'll spend at my table! It's true! 60 pages chock full of EVERY SINGLE Doc Splatter comic strip (1988-2006), plus commentary, sketches, photos, video(!), karaoke(?!?), fashion tips, an anal-retentive index and more!

• Of course I'll have plenty of copies of Hodabeast (Cool Jerk Vol. 1) and Chickadoowa (Cool Jerk Vol. 2)! Each compilation contains hundreds of strips and lots of extras, like sketches, outtakes, director's commentary and an index! Each book is $12 or both for $20!

• I'll also be debuting a brand-new Cool Jerk T-shirt! It's probably my favorite design so far (it was Darlene's idea). It comes in a myriad of sizes, in both crew neck and ladies' tanktops. $15!

• Didn't get the 24-Hour Comic starring Doc Splatter? last year? I'll have a few of those, plus stickers, button packs, window decals and other Cool Jerk goods you can't possibly live without!

• Want a cool freebee? I'll have new Yuri Tomato character card (fourth in an ongoing series!) and a special somethin' somethin' for everyone who buys a Doc Splatter Ominous Omnibus -- AN AXE IN THE HEAD! Joke. No, a different freebee.

• If you've been to my table before, good news! Team Cool Jerk is in the exact same spot we've been since 2003! It has a new look, which should draw peoples' attentions from across the convention center! And speaking of, here's a little map I whipped up while you were getting the mail.

• As always, I'm more than happy to junk up your sketchbook with some awesome pencil-and-ink action! Donations to the HornCo Fund are appreciated, of course. =:^)

If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this year's 'Con. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

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Mar 9, 2009

Cool Jerk debuts at Emerald City ComiCon!

ATTENTION PACIFIC NORTHWEST! Cool Jerk will be at Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle, the weekend of April 4-5! Since it's my first time, please... be gentle.

I'm really stoked to be there, spreading the word and corrupting young minds. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting/making new ones. Find me in Artists' Alley, table B-14. Here's a little map to help you find the BEST PLACE IN THE CONVENTION CENTER!

I'll have a limited amount of both Hodabeast (Cool Jerk Vol. 1) and Chickadoowa (Cool Jerk Vol. 2) available for sale. They retail for $12 a pop, but if you buy both at Emerald City ComiCon, they're $20! Suck it, recession!

The Cool Jerk table will also have T-shirts, mini-comics (incl. the 24-Hour Comic starring Doc Splatter), stickers, button packs, window decals and other effluvia for sale!

Sketches -- as always -- are free, and so are sneak peeks at my third book -- the Doc Splatter Omnibus! So unless you're a sasquatch, stuff some Jacksons in your pockets and come on by!

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Feb 10, 2009

WonderCon hat trick!

WonderCon! Cool Jerk is pulling a hat trick at San Francisco's Moscone Center South Friday through Sunday, February 27-March 1, 2009. This marks three years in a row! Find me in the Artists' Alley, surrounded by creative freaks, cartooning miscreants and their ilk. If you're within a 2,500-mile radius of the Bay Area, drop everything and swing by to say "Hi!" More importantly, surrender some folding money on reasonably priced Cool Jerk merchandise, including my Cool Jerk collections Hodabeast and Chickadoowa, T-shirts of many varieties, Cool Jerk button 5-packs, mini-comics and other goods you can't possibly live without!

Like last year, you can be among the first to see the pre-press proof of my next book! Want a hint? It's NOT a Cool Jerk book! And as always, I'll have some freebee stuff at the table, too. Hook the kids with a free sample, get 'em addicted, make the sale. That's what I always say.

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Jan 26, 2009

Bird with a wing down

Last week I did some major damage to my right deltoid (no doubt from pumping my fist in the air and giving high-fives during the inauguration), and that meant I could hardly use the computer, much less hold a pencil and brush. So that's why Cool Jerk is a bit off schedule.

To tide you over, I'd like to steer you to an interview by the gentleman Marc Mason of The Comics Waiting Room. I met Marc several years ago at San Diego Comic-Con, back when I was selling Cool Jerk mini-comics for a buck a pop. After buying a few copies and reading them, he emailed me and offered a suggestion: "Publish a REAL Cool Jerk book, Horn!"


So head on over and check out his site. Bookmark it. Add it to your Google Reader. Follow him on Twitter. All that good stuff.

And once my arm is above 50% I'll get those new strips up and running.

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Nov 26, 2008

Hodabeast in stores today!

Today (Nov. 26) marks the in-store debut of my first book, Cool Jerk Vol. 1: Hodabeast! Just in time for Christmas shopping and Black Friday!

spacer So now you can just head over to your Friendly Neighborhood Comics Shop and get your hands on the 'Beast (and if they don't have it, fret not because they can reorder it). And since it's considered a "graphic novel" or "trade paperback," it might not be where the new comics usually go. So ask for it if you don't see it. Of course a store-bought Hodabeast is awesome... but if you want one that's personalized to you, you can always order directly from me!

I know I've talked about this book for quite a while -- and you already know it's filled with the first couple hundred Cool Jerk strips, sketches, outtakes, a director's commentary and an index -- so I'll let someone else do it for me (thanks, Matt!).

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Oct 27, 2008

"Hey! Check out The Rack!"

I'm pitching in as artist-for-hire on The Rack, an engaging and funny webcomic about a comic-book shop and its quirky staff (think "Clerks" but with word balloons). I finally met its writer, the charming and delightful Kevin Church, at San Diego Comic-Con in July (I say "finally" because I'd been reading "The Rack" and Kevin's blogs for many months prior to Comic-Con, and we're pals in various Web 2.0 associations like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr). Over a dinner of fish tacos and Horchata he somehow coerced me* to be artist du jour during Halloween week, giving the regular artist Benjamin Birdie a few days off. So go check it out today and through the rest of the week!

For more Kevin Church, go here!
For more Benjamin Birdie, go here!
For much more of The Rack, go here!

*I think it was Cool Jerk-related flattery, but maybe he slipped me a roofie.

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Sep 12, 2008

Horn needs your help!

Indeed, Cool Jerk allies and sleeper agents! Soon you'll be able to get your very own copy of my first book Hodabeast AT YOUR LOCAL COMICS SHOP! It's true, these things I say! But here's where you have to get involved: You need to go to your local comics shop and ASK THEM TO ORDER A COPY OR TWO! Hodabeast is on Page 285 of the September Diamond Previews catalog; orders from this catalog will be filled for November distribution! Just in time for the holidays!

Seriously, friends. It'd be sooo awesome if you were to nudge that comic shop owner to order a couple/few copies. And also because, hey -- this is what I do for a living! =;^)

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Aug 8, 2008

Cool Jerk (practically) live and in person!

Hey, all you multimedia mavens! I was interviewed at my table by the folks at Square TV, and they put that bad boy online! Check it out!

It's almost like being at Comic-Con, but without bespectacled, bearded manchildren plowing into you in hopes to snap a picture of some gal walking by dressed as Vampirella!

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SDCCI '08 wrap-up!

As per usual, here's the SDCCI '08 recap, complete with photos and linkylinks! It was so fun, I wish it were every weekend! I'd like to say thanks to everyone who came by the table and spent some time checking out the 'Jerk (yeah, I mean me). There are too many to name but I'd like to do a shout-out to Earthdog, Alex Gamboa, Zachary Simon, James Hicks, Todd, Jamie Lim & Bethany Jordan (the ladies couldn't make it but each sent an emissary to pick up the new CJ book), Richard Foley, Tucson Richard, Dari, Randy, Erik, Tim O'Connor, Matan, Tara & Chris, Clay, Jay, Lonnie, Duncan, Lacie, Steve Yatson, Marc Mason, John Layman, Eric, Keith Garcia, Armando, David Poller, Arturo, Kim the catgirl (and her mom), Elisa, Mary, Alan and the ever-growing Poway Posse (Ben, Joseph, Barry, Mack & Shay). Also to the "mystery gal" who bought the new book on Saturday when I wasn't there! And of course it was great to meet/visit with/consume foods with Daniel & Dawna, JustJenn, BeaucoupKevin, SnarkyDork, Sister Mary Shovelface & Superfro, Jose & Naomi, Ryan & Candace and Jacie. And thanks most of all to the other half of Team Cool Jerk: Darlene!

I wish I could name all of you who came by to chat, get sketches, buy t-shirts or just stand and stare at me uncomfortably... but my typing hand just blew a gasket. Thanks to all -- mentioned or otherwise -- for being part of the best Comic-Con so far!

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Jul 29, 2008

Tweet! I'm in the Pop Candy Twitter Comics debut issue!

I'm one of 10 indy cartoonists hand-picked by the charming and delightful Whitney Matheson for her first-ever Pop Candy Twitter Comics! You know her love for pop culture from reading her popular USAToday's Pop Candy blog, and she had this idea to make comics out of some of her weirder Twitter tweets. Saturday evening she held a San Diego Comic-Con Meetup at the Marriott and unveiled this accordion-style mini-comic to all attendees who RSVP'd.

Didn't make it? See the comic and all the cartoons here!

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Jul 19, 2008

SDCCI is sold out, but Cool Jerk is not!

San Diego Comic-Con International is this week (July 23-27) and IT SOLD OUT! If you're one of the lucky quarter-million who'll be there, here's the low-down:

spacer • Debuting at SDCCI: the SECOND Cool Jerk collected edition Chickadoowa! OMG! This is the good stuff, Maynard! Fresh off the presses, Chickadoowa contains more than 200 strips, but here's the kicker: more than A QUARTER of them are ALL NEW and HAVE NEVER BEEN SEEN BY HUMAN EYEBALLS! It's true! Plus, it contains all the fun extra stuff you've come to expect from Hodabeast (Cool Jerk Vol. 1) like sketches, outtakes, director's commentary and an index! Each book is $12 for hours upon hours of laughter and enjoyment!

• Also making its San Diego debut is my 24-Hour Comic starring Doc Splatter! It's the printed version of the comic I created last October (24 pages of comic written & drawn in 24 consecutive hours). What's extra cool is that it directly ties in with Chickadoowa so you'll HAVE to get one! It's a mere $2 -- less than .09¢ per page!

• If you've been to my table before, good news! Team Cool Jerk is in the exact same spot as the past five years! Here's a little map I whipped up while you were shaving.

• Team Cool Jerk will also have T-shirts, mini-comics, stickers, button packs, window decals and other effluvia for sale!

• As always, I'm more than happy to junk up your sketchbook with some awesome pencil-and-ink action! Donations to the HornCo Fund are appreciated, of course. =:^)

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