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    The Perfectionist

    A lifetime of order, upended by Obamacare. How Chief Justice John Roberts will handle it.

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    The Ghost of George W. Bush

    Why Dubya will decide the winner this fall.

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    Why Obama Is Winning

    If the economy is so bad, why is Barack winning?

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    7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

    Romney likes parts of Obamacare, Obama questions Republicans’ math, Ryan wasn’t impressed with Clinton’s speech & more.

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    Obama Shrugged

    Obama—whether consciously or not—out-Rands Paul Ryan. By Judith Grey.

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    A Tale of Two Conventions

    The Obama iconography stood out because it is almost impossible to imagine Mitt Romney inspiring that kind of grassroots passion, writes John Avlon.

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Ryan: Who Cares About Clinton's Speech?

Inviting a party-line rivalry almost as fierce as Clint Eastwood and the chair, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan took to This Week to blast Bill Clinton's DNC speech because it 'wasn't even an analysis of Mitt Romney's plan.'

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    'I'm Better Known, for Better or for Worse'

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    Warning: Gay Marriage Coming to America

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    Palin on Kerry: 'How Does He Even Know My Name?'

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    Andrew Romano Talks Presidential Debates

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    Clinton's (Other) Never-Ending Speech

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    Obama Gets Bear-Hugged & More

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    Obama Iconography

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    The Top Speeches on Twitter

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