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Welcome to the speed.python.org project - this project is aimed at constructing a shared benchmark system based on the excellent speed.pypy.org project.

This project will setup a common, shared instance of the benchmarking suite and visualization tools put together by the PyPy team, based on work from the Unladen Swallow project.

Coming out of the PyCon 2011 VM and language summits, it was commonly agreed that PyPy, CPython, IronPython and Jython should strive to move to a common set of benchmarks and a single performance-oriented site. This was agreed upon by the maintainers present at the conference, and included leads from all of the major implementations. This project would be lead by the various VM development teams, and based around the Unladen Swallow/PyPy benchmark suite.

Once set up, this site will be prominently linked on Python.org, and serve as a resource for all Python users - both existing and potential - to evaluate the various Python runtimes on both performance, memory usage, etc. Our goal is to provide a resource that will both educate and assist users, maintainers and the community as a whole.

You can see the announcement, and more details at the announcement of the machine acquisition on Jesse Noller's blog.

The Machine

Nicknamed "the beast" - the speed.python.org machine was generously donated to the Python Software foundation by the HP Open Source Program office.

The hardware specs are:

  • DL380 HP DL380G7 X5670 LFF (2U)
  • Dual HP NC382i Dual Port Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters
  • HP Smart Array P410i/1GB FBWC Controller
  • 4x 4GB (1x4GB) Dual Rank x4 PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) Registered CAS-9 Memory Kit
  • 2x HP 750W Common Slot Gold Hot Plug Power Supply Kit
  • HP iLO Advanced including 1yr 24x7 Technical Support and Updates Electronic License
  • 4x HP 300GB 6G SAS 15K rpm LFF (3.5-inch) Dual Port Enterprise 3yr Warranty Hard Drive
  • 2 HP DL380 G7 Intel® Xeon® X5680 (3.33GHz/6-core/130W/12MB) FIO Processor Kit
The machine is configured with Ubuntu 11.04, HW RAID and a simple LVM setup. HP's generous donation can not be spoken of highly enough.

The Hosting

The racking, stacking and hardware administration and all bandwidth has been generously donated by the The Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) who have been amazing open source supporters, and supporters of the Python Software foundation.

We can not thank OSUOSL enough for the hosting and administration.


  • The mailing list is here - if you want to volunteer to help out with the project, this is the place to start.
  • The list archives
  • The current project issue tracker - we will be attempting to track to do items here.
  • speed.pypy.org - the source of this project.
  • The The codespeed source repo - this is the web application source (in Django) for the front-end.

Currently, the Project is looking for leads and volunteers to help setup the needed benchmark tools and web front-end and help manage this project into the future. Our desire is to start with PyPy and CPython 2.x, but rapidly expand into CPython 3.x and other Python runtimes. Please look at the issue tracker and sign up for the mailing list

Source code to this site available as mercurial repository

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