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MySQL Editions

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Whether you are a fast growing web property, technology ISV or large enterprise, MySQL can cost-effectively help you deliver high performance, scalable database applications.

MySQL Community Edition is the freely downloadable version of the world's most popular open source database.

  • Learn more about the MySQL Community Edition
  • Download the MySQL Community Edition

Commercial customers have the flexibility of choosing from multiple editions to meet specific business and technical requirements:

  • MySQL Standard Edition
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition

ISVs, OEMs and VARs can learn more about MySQL as an Embedded Database

  MySQL Standard Edition MySQL Enterprise Edition MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition
Annual Subscription2,3,4,5
/1-4 Socket Server /Year
USD 2,000
Buy Now
USD 5,000
Buy Now
USD 10,000
Buy Now
Oracle Premier Support3
24x7 Support
Unlimited Support Incidents
Knowledge Base
Maintenance Releases, Bug Fixes, Patches, Updates
MySQL Consultative Support
MySQL Features
MySQL Database Server
MySQL Connectors
MySQL Replication
MySQL Partitioning  
MySQL Workbench SE1
Storage Engine: MyISAM
Storage Engine: InnoDB
Storage Engine: NDB    
MySQL Enterprise Monitor1  
MySQL Enterprise Dashboard1  
MySQL Enterprise Advisors1  
MySQL Query Analyzer1  
MySQL Replication Monitor1  
MySQL Enterprise Backup1  
Hot backup for InnoDB1  
Full, Incremental, Partial backup1  
Full, Partial restore1  
MySQL Enterprise Security1  
External Authentication1  
MySQL Enterprise Scalability1  
Thread Pool1  
MySQL Enterprise High-Availability1  
HA using Oracle VM Template1,6  
HA using Windows Clustering1,6  
MySQL Cluster Manager1    
Configuration & Provisioning1    
Automatic Scaling1    
Management & Monitoring1    
MySQL Cluster Geo-Replication    
Oracle Product Certifications6
Certified with Oracle Linux6
Certified with Oracle VM6
Certified with Oracle Solaris6
Certified with Oracle GoldenGate6  
Certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware6  
Certified with Oracle Secure Backup6  
Certified with Oracle Database Firewall6  
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1 Features only available in Commercial Editions.

2 Annual Subscription: is defined as the right to use the specified program(s) in accordance with the applicable license metric and to receive Oracle Software Update License & Support for the specified program(s) for the term specified on the order.

3 Oracle Premier Support for MySQL is included in Annual Subscriptions (no extra cost)

4 Server: is defined as the computer on which the programs are installed. A Server license allows you to use the licensed program on a single specified computer.

5 Socket: is defined as a slot that houses a chip (or a multi-chip module), which contains a collection of one or more cores. Regardless of the number of cores, each chip (or multi-chip module) counts as a single socket. All occupied sockets on which the Oracle programs is installed and/or running must be licensed.

6 Non-MySQL products not included (can be purchased separately)

Pricing is "per Server", for 2 classes: Servers with 1-4 Sockets, and Servers with 5+ Sockets

For pricing for 5+ Socket Servers, contact the MySQL Sales Team

ISVs, OEMs and VARs can learn more about MySQL as an Embedded Database.

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