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Started coding at age 6, when data was still saved on cassette tapes. I am a self employed Windows phone 7 app developer. Mohamed has posted 6 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

TweetDeck : Part 1 Conception

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If you don’t know TweetDeck , it’s a very popular app to check Twitter. It is created with Adobe Air for the Desktop versions(Windows,Mac) and native for mobile.

TweetDeck was integrated to twitter.Inc in Mai 2011. Its success is due to the columns of tweets.


What we are going to see in this tutorial :

  • Creation of TweetDeck like UI with columns
  • Skinning components
  • Getting tweets using Twitter service (without authentication)
  • Using States
  • Showing the time of the tweet when scrolling
  • Horizontal Scroll

What we’re not going to see

  • Anything that uses authentication (Oauth v2)
    • Composing Tweets
    • Listing friends
    • Following others
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