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CoverflowAltTab let's you Alt-Tab through your windows in a cover-flow manner.
Originally this was a port of the CoverflowAltTab extension for Gnome-Shell by palatis from, so all credits to the original author!


1) Copy the folder "" to "~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/".
2) Enable the extension in cinnamon settings. (Eventually you have to restart cinnamon: Press Alt+F2, type 'r' and enter)


This extension uses the following key bindings (you can change or disable them in your system settings):
  •   "Switch applications" (usually Alt+Tab): Cycle through all windows from the current workspace
  •   "Switch windows of an application" (usually Ctrl+Tab): Cycle through all windows from the current application from all workspaces
  •   "Switch system controls" (usually Ctrl+Alt+Tab): Cycle through all windows from all workspaces (who wants to cycle through system controls anyway?)
All of the shortcuts with Shift key pressed cycles backward.
  •   Hit Esc to cancel.
  •   Hit q to close highlighted window.
  •   Hit d to hide all windows and show the desktop.
You can also use the arrow keys or your mouse wheel to cycle through the windows. 


You can change the background color and gradient by adjusting the corresponding values in the stylesheet.css file.
For those who want, it's also possible to change the position of the window title box (top or bottom), the icon size and spacing and the vertical offset.
To do so, open the 'switcher.js' file within the CoverflowAltTab extensions directory and modify the corresponding lines (they are highlighted).
Restart Cinnamon to apply changes! (Press Alt+F2, type 'r' and enter)


- V 1.4.1 -
+ support Fedora Cinnamon v 1.5.2

- V 1.4 -
+ updated to work with latest Fedora Cinnamon versions (1.4.0 UP3, 1.5, 1.5.1)
+ due to incompabilities there are now two different folders in the zip-file, one for Mint and one for Fedora users

- V 1.3.2 -
+ added an initial delay timeout to block all animations when alt-tabbing very fast
+ some minor fixes behind the scenes
- V 1.3.1 -
+ fixed Coverflow now updates itself when a window gets destroyed by the system (e.g. Nautilus file transfer dialogs)
+ when trying to close a window with 'q' and a confirmation dialog appears (e.g. file not saved dialog), Coverflow now closes and focuses the corresponding window
- V 1.3 -
There are some major changes, improvements and fixes in this version:
+ changed keybindings:
   Alt+Tab now switches between windows of current workspace,
  Ctrl+Tab switches between windows of the same application from all workspaces,
  Ctrl+Alt+Tab switches between all windows from all workspaces
  (assuming you didn't change and have activated these bindings in your system settings)
+ added support for mouse scrolling and arrow keys to cycle through windows
+ added pressing 'd' during Coverflow hides all windows and shows your desktop
+ fixed Coverflow now doesn't close when closing windows with 'q'
+ improved animations
+ added "looping" animation when reaching the end of window list
I'm still facing some problems implementing an initial delay timeout for fast Alt-Tabbing, please wait for the next versions.
V 1.2 -
+ support for Cinnamon 1.4
+ ellipsize window title if it's too long to fit the screen width
- V 1.1.2 -
+ support for Cinnamon 1.3.1
- V 1.1.1 -
+ updated to work with Cinnamon 1.3.0
+ fixed window label and icon appearing blurry in some cases
- V 1.1 -
+ show application icon
+ added possibility to easily change some positioning values (see description, section 'Customization')
- V 1.0 -
Initial upload
+ fixed Alt-Shift-Tab
You can change the background colour and gradient by adjusting the corresponding values in the stylesheet.css file.haaCoverflowAltTab
CoverflowAltTab is an extension for Cinnamon (
It let's you Alt-Tab through your windows in a cover-flow manner.
This is only a 1:1 port of the CoverflowAltTab extension for Gnome-Shell by palatis from, so all credits to the original author!
1) Copy the folder "" to "~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/".
2) Enable the extension in cinnamon settings. (Eventually you have to restart cinnamon: Press Alt+F2, type 'r' and enter)
There are several "Switch xxx" under "Settings => Keyboard => Shortcuts => Navigation", this extensions replace a few of them:
  - "Switch applications": cycle through windows from all workspaces
  - "Switch windows of an application": cycle through windows from current
  - "Switch system controls": cycle through windows from the same application
    across all workspaces (who wants to cycle through system controls anyway?)
All of the shortcuts with "Shift" key pressed cycles backward.
Hit "Esc" during cycling to cancel.
Hit "q"  during cycling to close highlighted window.
You can change the background colour and gradient by adjusting the corresponding values in the stylesheet.css file.


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  1. spacer
    clem says:

    Works great! It's a pity you can't select windows with the mouse or use Alt_Shift_tab to go back towards the left. If it gains these features it should become quite popular! :)

  2. spacer
    norbert says:

    Thanks man... :)

  3. spacer
    norbert says:

    @clem it's perfect... not complicated, and it works with all the open programs (in all workspaces), not only is open in curent desktop. Perfect 10 for me!!!

  4. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    You're welcome :) Yeah, Alt-Shift-Tab doesn't work, I already noticed that. It doesn't work in Gnome-Shell either. I'll try to fix that someday, although I'm not very experienced with Javascript yet. But will definatly update it, if this gets fixed in the original gs-plugin.

  5. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    Ok Alt-Shift-Tab now works! I'm sorry I didn't look deeper into the code before uploading it, it was just a minor issue with inconsistend namings. I fixed it, just redownload it.

  6. spacer
    clem says:

    Ah ah, great! :)

  7. spacer
    clem says:

    Another suggestion would be to add the app icon on top of the label at the bottom. You can find the code for this in the overview code of Cinnamon (/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/workspace.js line 446)

  8. spacer
    norbert says:

    Yes... alt/shift/tab is here. Thanks.

  9. spacer
    clem says:

    Another thing I noticed, when you want to quickly shift between two apps you usually hit Alt tab very fast. When you do that you don't really want to see any effects/animations. Most alt tabs implement a minimum delay for this. It would be a nice addition to this extension.

  10. spacer
    norbert says:

    The peoples like compiz effects. We want alt-tab with effects, desktop cube, ant expo with effects. This extension work beautifully. I propose a new extention without effects. But I prefer this one... with effects.

  11. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Clem, I will probably adopt that in future versions. @norbert: You're right, but a delay doesn't mean that there are no effects any more. Perhaps it would be a good idea to let the user set/disable such a delay. So don't worry, the extension will overall remain as it is.

  12. spacer
    py_mint says:

    absolutely amazing, if you can integrate icons as the opened window similar to Ubuntu's alt-tab feature where you press the space bar to preview the open windows, it'll make this app very very useful. 5-stars all the way!

  13. spacer
    itsjustarumour says:

    Works like a charm - thanks! :)

  14. spacer
    Augusto says:

    Very useful. Nice work dmo60!

  15. spacer
    Daniel4lm says:

    Excellent. This extension works perfectly (for the current stage of development).

  16. spacer
    bimsebasse says:

    Brilliant - this should just be the way alt+tab in Cinnamon looks, simple and flashy at the same time.

  17. spacer
    raphael says:

    I can't find this diretory ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/

  18. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    Hi raphael, the "~" is a symbol for your home directory. ".local" is a hidden folder, so press "Ctrl + H" or select "show hidden files" from your file browser's menu to make it appear and then navigate to "share/cinnamon/extensions/". If the "extensions" directory doesn't exist, create it! Hope I could help you.

  19. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    Or just open a terminal and type "nautilus ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/". It should bring you there.

  20. spacer
    z06gal says:

    Great extension! Between this and the desktop effects that was offered in Cinnamon 1.2, I don't miss compiz quite as much. 5 stars from me ;)

  21. spacer
    BrianHanson2nd says:

    I've copied this into the extensions folder, and logged out and back in, and it doesn't show in Cinnamon settings. Am I just missing something blatently obvious? Linux Mint, Cinnamon, 64bit.

  22. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    What version of Cinnamon are you using? (To find this out, open a terminal and type "cinnamon --version") Currently the extension only supports Cinnamon 1.2.0 . I didn't test it with other version, but you can try it by adjusting the "cinnamon-version" field in the metadata.json file.

  23. spacer
    BrianHanson2nd says:

    It started working, I figured it out to be a different extension, folder view, I think it's called. I had that in the extensions folder, and nothing would show in the Cinnamon settings, but when I removed that folder this became an option, and I must say, I REALLY LIKE IT.

  24. spacer
    Daniel4lm says:

    Minor fix for this beautiful extension. Window label text is a little blurry (depending on the theme). Open switcher.js file and find lines 192 & 193. Change them as: this._windowTitle.x = Math.round((monitor.width - this._windowTitle.width + ICON_SIZE + ICON_TITLE_SPACING) / 2); this._windowTitle.y = Math.round(monitor.height * ICON_TITLE_POSITION / 8 - this._windowTitle.height / 2 - OFFSET);

  25. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    Thanks for the tip! I also applied it to the window icons, seems to improve the appearance indeed.

  26. spacer
    roger64 says:

    Working nicely with Cinnamon 1.3.1. Thanks a lot for it. However, as a "officially agreed" extension, it should automatically have been updated to 1.3.1 without the user having to silently modify its metadata.json file to get it workng again. I guess it's more of a Cinnamon problem than your extension problem.

  27. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    You're right, I can't do anything about it. I try to update the extension as soon as there is a new version of Cinnamon, but you either have to redownload it or modify the metadata file yourself. I'm thinking about providing a PPA so that it updates automatically through the update manager. But I have never done this before and have to read into the topic first :)

  28. spacer
    Sid32 says:

    Great. Would love if extension would cut off names of some websites as they can be so long they go off the screen.

  29. spacer
    Nicram says:

    It works great, without any problems for me. Great job! And thank You for share this :)

  30. spacer
    Sid32 says:

    Two small issue, when the webpage address is too long the icon is pushed off the screen. The ideal solution would be for a character limit to be set. The other issue is that if I am looking a window and the window disappears, see update manager checking for updates the desktop gets stuck on a blank window.

  31. spacer
    Coiby says:

    I wonder why it suddenly didn't work for me after using it for a few weeks.

  32. spacer
    dmo60 says:

    Thanks for your feedback! I fixed the problem with too long window titles and added support for Cinnamon 1.4. But I'm a bit busy at the moment, so I will look into the other issues later. @Coiby: That's because all extensions have to be updated to work with new versions of Cinnamon. I've just added support for Cinnamon 1.4, so redownload and install the extension and it will work again. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.