October 03, 2012


Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote
Ed Lasky
Pundits have ridiculed the string of fluff television, radio, and magazine appearances that Barack Obama has been making the last few months. They are wrong. More

A Shot at What?
Anthony J.Ciani
President Obama has consistently ruled with the highly fluid, novel, unfair, and unjust definitions of "fairness" and "justice" that are commonly found in socialism. More

Ten Simple Things Mitt Should Do or Say During the Debates
Gerald Santovsky
But only if he wants to win the election. More

Four More Years? Of This?
Warren Beatty
Obama wants four more years to further ruin the U.S. economy and to further lie to us. Plus he wants four more years to perfect cronyism and to subsidize "green energy." More

The Progressive-Islamist Alliance
J.T. Hatter
The affinity between radical Islamists and the progressive left derives from a shared belief that America is the Great Satan and must be destroyed. More

The Verdict on 'Doctors' Obama and Romney
Deane Waldman
Are the doctors fit to practice medicine? Or should their licenses be revoked? More

Destructive Passion
Bruce Thornton
What truly motivates the American left? More

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