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Angle of Descent
The justifications for airport expansion turn out to be bogus. Read more – ‘Angle of Descent’.
Plutocracy’s Boot Boys
We’re getting a better idea of how billionaires and corporations capture government policy. Read more – ‘Plutocracy’s Boot Boys’.
A potent myth is being used to justify economic capture by a parasitic class. Read more – ‘Romnesia’.
The Mind Thieves
The evidence linking Alzheimer’s disease to the food industry is strong and growing. Read more – ‘The Mind Thieves’.
Declaring War on the Environment
With the appointment of an anti-green as Environment Secretary, the pretence is over. Read more – ‘Declaring War on the Environment’.
A Step Towards the Dock
The prospect of a trial for Tony Blair now starts to look more plausible Read more – ‘A Step Towards the Dock’.
Bounty Paid for Blair Arrest Attempt
Press release: Payouts for attempts to arrest the former PM now exceed £10,000. Read more – ‘Bounty Paid for Blair Arrest Attempt’.
After Capitalism
An animation calling for economic democracy. Read more – ‘After Capitalism’.
Hidden Claws
Could the rubbish published in the Observer about birds of prey be related to the author’s undisclosed interests? Read more – ‘Hidden Claws’.
The Heat of the Moment
Climate breakdown is right here, right now. Read more – ‘The Heat of the Moment’.
Hunger Games
The rich world is causing the famines it claims to be preventing. Read more – ‘Hunger Games’.
The Great Impostors
In the name of saving the natural world, governments are privatising it. Read more – ‘The Great Impostors’.
Dance With the One Who Brung You
The environment is being trashed because of a failure to reform campaign finance. Read more – ‘Dance With the One Who Brung You’.
Scorched Earth Economics
Why have the Year Zero policies of neoliberalism not been abandoned? Read more – ‘Scorched Earth Economics’.
Lead Soldiers
A new front opens up in the war against nature. Read more – ‘Lead Soldiers’.
The Promised Land
This is the fate of young people today: excluded, but forbidden to opt out. Read more – ‘The Promised Land’.
For Those Who Love Life
The people cutting open bluefin tuna nets are heroes Read more – ‘For Those Who Love Life’.
Enclosure and dispossession have driven us, like John Clare, all a little mad. Read more – ‘Anomie’.
False Summit
We were wrong about peak oil: there’s enough in the ground to deep-fry the planet. Read more – ‘False Summit’.
End of an Era
So now what do we do to defend life on Earth? Read more – ‘End of an Era’.
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