Terri and Fingers
Gina Kelly Photography

It is love that asks, that seeks, that knocks, that finds, and that is faithful to what it finds.

I suspect saints were probably poor company. But sometimes they said stuff that’s worth listening to. St. Augustine the Blessed probably wasn’t thinking of a woman’s relationship with a raccoon when he wrote the line above, but what we see here is the sort of love Augustine was describing.

I suspect Terri and Fingers are good company — to each other, at least. Humans and their animal companions share a bond that is completely faithful to what it finds. It’s a love that’s completely accepting and trusting. Look at Fingers; where can you find a more complete expression of trust? Look at Terri; we don’t need to see her face to know what her expression is. The asking, the seeking, the knocking and finding, the faithfulness — it’s all right there.

I also suspect if we could show our fellow humans even a small portion of the trust Fingers shows Terri, we’d all be better company. And the world would be the better for it.


(Editorial note: Gina Kelly has created a most remarkable collection of photographs on these Kindred Spirits. Do yourself a favor and look at them.)

-- greg fallis

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