OpenOffice Download

spacer OpenOffice free download is used for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and so much more! OpenOffice is available in multiple languages and will work on all general computers. OpenOffice free download maintains a completely open development process that allows users to report issues, enhance the software or request new features. With this type of flexibility, OpenOffice free download does everything you want, the way you want it to!

The newest release of OpenOffice is available for download. This release contains many new features including:

  • New custom properties
  • Improved slide layouts
  • New narrow fonts
  • Increased document protection in Writer and Calc

By downloading OpenOffice you have a host of functions at your fingertips! Come back often to read the latest technical release notes, learn more information on OpenOffice functions, and examine the most current feature overview.


Have No Computer Experience?

We explain of how to work with computer documents with no computer experience.
Teachers: You may need to download OpenOffice and open up a new text file for each of the students.

How to Open a New Document

1. If you are on the desktop, then click Start followed by All Programs and 2.3, then click on Writer.

2. If you are already in the Writer program, then click File, then New and Text Document.

3. In either of these cases, the text document will appear on your screen entitled “Untitled1.”

Name a File and Save it

1. First click File, then click Save As and the “Save As” window will appear.

2. Under “Save In,” which is a pull-down menu, click “My Documents”, then click on the down arrow to open up the pull-down menu so that you can select “My Documents.”

3. Under the “File Name” menu, select “My First File” and then click Save.

4. “My first file — OpenOffice Writer” will appear at the top of your screen. This named file will still be opened up on your computer, and is in the text file format. The file has also been saved to your “My Documents” folder under this name.

How to Close Your File

1. To close a file, click on File and Close. This “My first file” file will close.

How to Open Another File

1. To open a new file, click on File and Open so that the open dialog appears.

2. Open up the look-in box by clicking on the down arrow, then select “My Documents” and select the “My first file” file. Click on Open. is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.