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SmartOS News: Sept 6, 2012

September 6, 2012 by deirdre

Beginning with SmartOS - “ a very simple introductionary tutorial for SmartOS. It is really to fun to play with and it will show how powerful it can be if you actually had the iron instead.”

Porting OpenStack to SmartOS – “SmartOS is a modern operating system that was actually created to run cloud orchestration software. Joyent uses it in their commercial Smart Data centre software. So it makes perfect sense to port OpenStack to it.”

Using SmartOS for Node.js Development – “If you’re serious about node.js, you really should develop on SmartOS.”

Running SmartOS on BigV

The original DTrace documentation is now updated and available for illumos.

Try SmartOS today

and see what a modern datacenter operating system can do for you!

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