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WorldWideScienceArchive and data now offers the capability to search scientific data collections. Six new data sources have been added to, representing a significant milestone in improving access to scientific data from around the world.

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Information Bridge – Find DOE R&D full-text documents and bibliographic citations.

DOE R&D Accomplishments – Find information about the outcomes of past DOE R&D.

DOepatents – Find patents resulting from DOE-sponsored research and development.

DOE Green Energy – Find DOE green energy-related documents and patents information.

E-print Network – Find e-prints in basic and applied sciences.

Energy Citations Database (ECD) – Find bibliographic records and full-text where available.

Adopt-A-Doc? is an on-demand service that provides individuals the option to sponsor the digitization of full-text DOE technical reports.

Science Conference Proceedings – Find select science and technology conference papers and proceedings.

EnergyFiles – Find databases and websites of interest to DOE.
Website to be discontinued after October 1, 2011

--> ScienceCinema – Find scientific videos highlighting research and development sponsored by DOE and CERN.

Science Accelerator – Find R&D results, project descriptions, accomplishments, and more via a 1-stop search across R&D collections.

spacer DOE Scientific Research Data
About Scientific Research Data – Learn about the Department of Energy data discovery tool, the DataCite initiative, and the OSTI Data ID Service.

DOE Data Explorer – Find scientific research data - such as computer simulations, numeric data files, figures and plots, interactive maps, multimedia, and scientific images - generated in the course of DOE-sponsored research in various science disciplines.
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Energy Science and Technology Software Center – Find DOE-funded scientific and technical software developed by the national laboratories, other facilities and DOE contractors.
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.EDUconnections – Learn about featured universities and community colleges with connections to DOE's scientific programs. See examples of universities and community colleges that are supporting and advancing scientific research and discovery. (beta version) – Find federal science agency science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education content.

ScienceLab – A portal listing numerous education resources within DOE and beyond
spacer Science Information from U.S. Agencies – Find selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies.
spacer Science Information from Global Databases – Find science from participating nations of every inhabited continent.

ETDEWEB – Register for access to worldwide energy technology discoveries.

International Nuclear Information System – Find International bibliographic records related to peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology.


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Image Credit: DOE Ames Laboratory

From the Director

Metamaterials have a greater possible range of physical properties than ordinary solids do. DOE is sponsoring groundbreaking research into metamaterials' behavior, technical obstacles to production and use, and the creation of new devices.

read about it!”--> Newsletter.”--> “Cool? You Bet. mobile was recently named a Top Ten in Best Federal Apps” --> Sec. Chu's scientific integrity statement clearly made the connection between transparency and access (OSTI's role) and scientific integrity.-->The Future of Atomic Energy" and more related to the 70th Anniversary of the world-changing Manhattan Project. --> DOE Data Explorer now provides a quick retrieval of available, individual datasets relevant to your search."-->R&D accomplishments"-->YouTube ScienceCinema demo."-->help shape public access policy."-->Facebook spacer , the OSTIblog and Twitter spacer . -->, anywhere, anytime! -->DataCite to facilitate finding, accessing and reusing publicly available scientific research datasets produced by U.S. DOE-funded researchers.--> OSTI meets mission goals by deploying various search architectures for integrating content via the web.--> addition of Arabic to the suite of translated languages, now offers 10 different language options.

"The DOE-CERN research collaboration is now highlighted by the addition of CERN videos to ScienceCinema, which makes multimedia research results searchable."-->

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