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Streamline your complex communications

The information your organization has can make a difference in people’s lives, from local park hours that citizens can use to plan family events to severe weather alerts that can save people’s lives.

But you know how much time it can take to gather that information, get it approved from various internal stakeholders and distribute it to the right people through a variety of channels (website, email, SMS, RSS feed, social media, etc.). These processes sometime take longer than drafting the communication itself.

GovDelivery can help. Our digital communication solutions save you time and resources by automating your complex communications and making the most of the information you already have. Leveraging your content, our Digital Communication Management platform can automatically identify and grab content you’ve created or updated on your websites and send a notice to all interested parties.

spacer At the end of the day, being more efficient means you have more time and resources to further your organization's projects and initiatives instead of figuring out how to deliver messages to your stakeholders. This can even mean helping to increase revenue streams. Find out how Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources uses automated digital communications to generate more revenue for the state. Read their success story now.

In the Cloud

With more than a decade of experience delivering Cloud-based public sector communication solutions, you can leverage our expertise to drive IT efficiency as well. With our software-as-a-service applications, your organization can deploy our solutions in days or weeks instead of months. We take care of the hardware, upkeep and updates so you can focus on keeping the public informed and engaged.

Integrate with existing applications and databases

We understand that applications that don't talk to each other adds another process, another step, another layer to your work day. That's why GovDelivery provides an ever-expanding set of application programming interfaces (APIs) or Web services that allows organizations to fully integrate GovDelivery solution functions into their own applications. Based on SOAP, functions in our APIs allow programs written in many different languages to interact with GovDelivery solutions, removing manual processes to save you time and money. For more information, or if you have a technical question regarding our APIs, contact us today.

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