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How to Figure Out Your True Risk Tolerance

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Posted May 28 2010 03:28 PM

Balancing return and risk is essential, because greed and fear can mess up the best financial plans. By matching your portfolio risk to your personal risk tolerance, you can sleep soundly while your investments are hard at work.

Figuring out your true risk tolerance is more complicated than the approaches taken by most online tools. But you can get a sense of your tolerance with any of the following tests:

MSN Money offers a risk tolerance quiz that tells you two things: how comfortable you are taking risks and whether your personal circumstances are such that you can afford to take risks.

The Rutgers University website
offers a risk tolerance quiz that identifies how comfortable you are with risk.
CalcXML.com (www.calcxml.com/do/inv08) determines your tolerance for risk by asking 10 questions about you, your financial situation, and how you would respond to several situations.

Your brokerage may also offer a tool for determining risk tolerance. For example, the Charles Schwab website has a risk profile questionnaire that analyzes your risk tolerance and investment timeframe to determine what type of investor you are.


Learn more about this topic from Personal Investing: The Missing Manual.

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