The Truth about Silicone Breast Implants

October 14, 2011 | Filed under: Beauty,Health | Posted by: Rebecca

spacer Silicone gets a bad rap when it comes to breast implants. Years ago when silicone breast implants were first introduced, they were thin shells filled with the silicone gel. Ruptures happened and there were safety concerns related to the implants. Today, after ten years without silicone breast implants, new forms of the gel-filled implants are back, safer and even more realistic than ever.

Silicone Breast Implants Are Safe

Often women don’t think silicone breast implants are safe. They’ve heard about problems that women had more than a decade ago and have decided saline was the way to go. The newest forms of silicone gel are considered just as safe as silicone. The lining of the pouches is thicker, more care is used in creating the implants and doctors are inserting the implants in improved methods as well.

Silicone Breast Implants Aren’t Permanent

When you opt for silicone breast implants you’re going to have a natural looking chest and your cleavage and movement will be very natural as well. They will look and feel like natural breast material, but those new, perfect breasts aren’t perfect.

Implants aren’t considered to be a permanent implant. Annual checks by your doctor will ensure the implants are performing correctly, but on average, implants last between ten to fifteen years – often much longer – before needing to be removed and replaced. This is true for silicone as well as saline implants.

Silicone Breast Implants (Don’t) Pop

There is a 0.5% chance that your silicone breast implants will pop or rupture over the course of three years. The implant shell is thicker and constructed to withstand a bit of wear and tear as well as the passage of time. Silicone breast implants aren’t any more likely to rupture or leak than saline ones, and if they do rupture, the silicone will stay in place since it is not absorbed by the body, leaving you with a natural looking chest while you follow up with your doctor.

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