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Protecting you as you surf

Comitari welcomes you to the next generation of Web Security solutions - protecting you in real-time as you surf the web, from within your browser applications.  Comitari does not rely on blacklists but rather uses patent-pending algorithms that cover 0-day phishing and identity theft attempts – and is the only solution of its kind in the market today. Offering complete protection against client-side attacks, identity theft and online frauds, Comitari Web Protection Suite is a complementary must to existing End Point Security and Web Gateway solutions.

No browser should be left without it.

What does Comitari
protect you from?

spacer   Identity theft
spacer   Phishing & pharming
spacer   Trojans Horses
spacer   Key Strokes Loggers 
spacer   Man In The Browser
spacer   Session riding attacks (CSRF, aka XSRF)
spacer   Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks
spacer   ClickJacking (and UI Redressing)
spacer   LikeJacking 
spacer   Buffer Overflow (browser & plugin exploits)
spacer   File Stealing 
spacer   Web site impersonation  
spacer   User impersonation
spacer   Intranet network equipment attacks
spacer   DNS rebinding
Comitari Web
Protection Suite your
complete web protector!
Articles and Studies
“Client side web attacks white paper”
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  News and Events

Comitari in is the top 10 Israeli startup companies by Forbes (Hebrew) 
Firefox 11 is now supported 
Chrome is now supported
Firefox 5 is now supported
Comitari discovered a ClickJacking vulnerability on Gmail and Blogger applications (Hebrew)
Firefox versions (3.6+) are now supported
Matrix has signed a distribution agreement with Comitari and will resell the Comitari Secure Browsing products (Hebrew)
Comitari presented at the Israeli parliament the risks posed by the new generation of web attacks (Hebrew)
Comitari-Free is now available for free on Comitari's website

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