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Threads > 7/10/12 by DW
Thread started by Dave Winer on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

Berkman river?

spacer I came across something I wrote on my Harvard blog in 2003, and there in the right margin was a link to a Berkman aggregator that is long-gone.

spacer Later I wondered what that river might look like now, if we had a good collection of Berkman blogs. So, I've started a river for Berkman faculty, fellows and alums.

spacer It'll take a few weeks to populate, let's see if it's interesting.

spacer Here's the list so far...

spacer Andrew McLaughlin

spacer Benjamin Mako Hill

spacer Berkman Center Newsfeed

spacer Christopher Lydon

spacer Creative Commons

spacer danah boyd

spacer David Isenberg

spacer David Weinberger

spacer Doc Searls

spacer Ethan Zuckerman

spacer Hal Roberts

spacer Jeffrey Schnapp

spacer Jillian C. York

spacer John Palfrey

spacer Joi Ito

spacer Jon Zittrain

spacer Juan Carlos De Martin

spacer MediaBerkman

spacer ProjectVRM

spacer Radio Berkman

spacer Rebecca MacKinnon

spacer Susan Crawford

spacer Urs Gasser

spacer Wendy Seltzer

spacer Yochai Benkler

spacer Zeynep Tufekci

spacer If you have suggestions for others, please post a link to their blog or feed below and I'll add them to the river. Or you can send it to me via email at dave dot winer at gmail dot com. Thanks! :-)

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