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Dumb analytics question

Hi,  I have a blog that drives traffic to my external Shopify store. I would like to know which blog posts drive the most conversions.

0 by James Ashenhurst
Multiple home pages

Hi,   Is there any way to create two home page ,one original and the other for testing purpose with the same theme setting? 

1 Yesterday
by Alfonso
Discounts based on Quantity

Hi,  I'm new to Shopify and have just setup a store for a client of mine. Due to time constraints I didn't have a huge amount of time to play around with Shopify to make sure it had abso...

3 15 Nov 2012
by ShayH
Changing variant on page doesn't change product.price on same page

Hi :) I am not sure if this should be posted in this ecommerce forum or in the design forum, but i'll try here first: On my product pages i have the following code: <div id="details"> ...

0 by Francesca
Can my Shopify product mirror an eBay auction?

I have a product I would like to sell by auction so I am going to list it on eBay (since as far as I know there isn't an auction app or plugin for Shopify).

2 15 Nov 2012
by Mike Freeman
2% Transaction fee

Is the 2% Transaction fee the fee for credit cards? or is there a separate credit card % fee on top of the 2% transaction fee.

1 14 Nov 2012
by Mike Freeman
Customised shopping carts

Hi Guys I want to set up a shop selling custom made suits. This would involve customers selecting options such as from 30 or 40 different fabric patterns, whether they want 1 pair of trousers or ...

2 12 Nov 2012
by Matthew Gray
Please add the add to cart button to each product and also add sub collections?

Can we please have the add to cart button on each of the product or the product grids everywhere? Currently it has the price, the product image and the title.

0 by Shawn Ivey
Remove domain from WordPress and transfer it here to Shopify

I currently have my own domain through WordPress. Let me first explain that the WordPress I am using is from WordPress.com which is hosted by WordPress and is used by people like me who are not as ...

0 by TRAD
Using Shopify as an ecommerce option in South Africa

Hi I am located in South Africa and I'm in the process of building a website which will sell locally-made designer products and clothing.

3 09 Nov 2012
by Andy
display a Set of collections from a particular linklist

Hi, I'm setting up my store on masonry theme and am facing a small issue: How can i link to a linklist.For example i have two linklist 'A' & 'B' and each linklist have certain collec...

0 by Raghunandan Saraf
How early do you advise subscribers of an up-coming big sale?

Black Friday marks 5 days where I have a large store-wide sale. How early do you advise your followers that a big sale is coming up?

0 by lnicole
Batch Printing

Anyone with a company that does over 50 orders a day doesn't want to waste time on printing one by one.

0 by Jino Choi
Deleting customer accounts

Is there a way to delete customer accounts? I've been looking around the admin page and can't find anything.

1 07 Nov 2012
by Mike Freeman
Google Product Type and Others added to CSV Import File

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to add on a couple key items to the bulk import CSV file.  The ones I am most interested in are the Google Product Type and the UPI (i.e.

0 by cholman
Sounds alerts upon every sale?

Just bumped in this old topic: ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/sounds-alerts-upon-every-sale-43551 I always thought that sound alerts could be a great instrument for motivatin...

0 by ShopStream
How Can I validate Your Contact Email field in Checkout page?

If I don't fill up any field in Your Contact Email,  Billing Address and Shipping Address and I click Continue to next Step the page is coming back to same page but no error message is showing...

2 06 Nov 2012
by koji
display sku on products page

Hi, i'm new to shopify and have no coding/developing knowledge per se. Though i found on various discussion that, to display sku no.

4 05 Nov 2012
by Lewwy
Finally, Inbound website communications made easy for Shopify store owners

Seamlessly engage customers whiles they are on any page of your store without distractionGet real-time analytics and industry metric comparison on messages receivedUncover the personalities and emo...

0 by Kam
Is it possible to create a product that is only visible to people that have i...

I am running a special promotion and want to create a product specifically for the targets of the promotion.

0 by Obed Fernandez
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