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Pizza News, October, 2012
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1) We Lose A Legend of Pizza: Flo Consiglio Passes

2) How the Internet Changed Pizza History

3) Can you Freeze Pizza?

4) Difference Between Thin Crust and Thick Crust




1) We Lose A Legend of Pizza: Flo Consiglio Passes

It is with great sadness that I share the news, Flo Consiglio, the Matriarch of Pizza has passed away.

Flo , was the wife of Salvatore Consiglio, the owner of Sally's Apizza located on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut. She was a true original, who as Ed Levine (Pizza: A Slice of Heaven: The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companionspacer ) so aptly stated was "the keeper of the flame".

I was fortunate to have met Flo a number of times over the years. While her sons, Rick and Bobby, made pizza in the back of the house, Flo sat at a booth near the register, tallying up the price of each pizza. Every receipt was carefully printed out by hand. She never made a mistake. No computer or electronic device for her. Each receipt was hand printed.

She was extremely loyal to her favorite customers and always took care of them. Sally's is a very old school pizzeria. Sally's is only open six days a week, 5 until 10:00 PM. They are not open for lunch.

There is always a line to get into Sally's, and you really need to arrive early if you want to get in for the first round of pizza. There would always be several "reserved" tables. Flo would save these tables for special guests. This irritated a number of people, who waited in line for hours to get pizza. But that's just the way it is. If you did not like it, you could always go somewhere else.

I think Jim described Sally's the best:

  • Sally's is open from 5 pm to 10 pm daily except on Monday's. 

  • It does not serve lunch. 

  • It serves thin-crust pizza exclusively.

  •  No salads, no calzones, no pasta, no pan pizza. 

  • It serves no hard liquor or wine. It serves two varieties of beer, bottle only and no beer on tap. 

  • It serves generic soda and no Coke or Pepsi.

  •  It does not serve by the slice. 

  • It does not deliver. 

  • Parking is difficult at best and sometimes one must park 1/4 mile away. 

  • Sally's has never had a special or discount prices nor has it ever offered coupons, ever. 

  • The interior is not elegant in any way and looks today much like it looked 50 years ago. 

  • The wait staff is not the friendliest, and when a waiter comes to your table you better be ready to order or the waiter will leave and not come back for 20 minutes. 

  • And, to top it all off, there is never less than a one to two hour wait to get into the establishment and often another 30-45 minutes to finally get your pizza. 

  • Often the wait is outside in the dead of winter. 

Ruth, Rick, Bobby, and Flo Consiglio at Sally's Apizza


Albert with Flo Consgilio


The $20,000 Pizza Interview with Gail

Here is a tribute to Flo from our friend Gail. Gail won $20,000 from the Food Network by asking Flo for a simple favor. This is one of the most amazing interviews I have ever done.

I call this the $20,000 Dollar Pizza Interview.

One of the huge unknown secrets of Sally's (according to Gail)  is the water used to make the pizza. The water is magical and contains very mystical powers, explains Gail.

"I said Flo, I'm going to be on this competition and I really want to use your water, for my completion, Flo, is that OK?"

And she looked at me, she said, "Why sure Gail go right ahead".

And so I had this Evian water bottle and I emptied it out and I went into the Girl's room of Sally's, I drew the water out of their faucet and that's the water I used for my $25,000 pie..." 

Gail's co-star was Guy Fieri. Guy has currently released his Guy's BBQ Sampler Set (4-pc.) by Guy Fierispacer

Happy listening!

Here is the interview:


You can also download the interview HERE  to listen later on your PC, MAC, Iphone, Ipod, Smart Phone or whatever...
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Here is a tribute video made by Pizza Therapy
in honor of Flo Consiglio



If you are interested in more pizza videos, please check out the pizza therapy
channel on You Tube:




  Sally's Sign


A Sally's Apizza

2) How the Internet Changed Pizza History
by Albert Grande

Pizza has always been Americas favorite food. Its been the subject of movies, books, and songs. Pizza is not only a food of sustenance, but for some has become an obsessive delight. And for many Pizza Fans, pizza is a sheer and utter passion. Pizza debate brings on an endless thirst for argument that cannot be easily quenched with just a slice or two.

People discuss their favorite pizzerias with the same emotionally charged energy as they would discuss politics or their favorite sports team. Pizza has become so entrenched into the culture that it is easy to forget, pizza was once simply peasant food. Pizza was for many years, enjoyed by the lower echelons of society, who could afford little else.
For most of Pizzas long and romantic history, pizza was a regional dish. The great pizza in New York stayed in New York.

The inside secrets of the best New York pizza remained in the boroughs and neighborhoods where it was created. There would be an occasional newspaper or magazine article. Television and radio reporters would sporadically discuss pizza on regional and local venues. However, unless you visited New York, these inside pizza secrets remained mysteries to the rest of the country.

The pizza in New Haven stayed in New Haven. Frank Pepe began making pizza in 1925. Sallys founded by Franks, nephew, Salvatore Consiglio, came into being a decade later. Modern Apizza, also in New Haven developed their own brick oven masterpieces. Up the road in Derby, Connecticut, Roseland Apizza had created their own brand of incredible pizza, independently of anyone else.

Most people outside of New Haven were clueless to the pizza being created there. This was true for most of the residents of the entire state. Most Connecticut residents had never thought of traveling to New Haven to eat pizza. And why would they? They had their own great pizza, or so they thought.

And so it had been across the country. State by state, region by region. From the East Coast to the Heartland. From the Deep South to the West Coast. From Chicago to Los Angeles. From Portland to Louisiana. Pizza made in that region stayed in that region. There was no cross over. No sharing of pizza ideas.

The only way you discovered regional pizza was by knowing someone who lived there or by traveling yourself to a particular area and searching it out. Other than that, pizza was regionalized remained hidden and undiscovered.
This was true not only of the United States but across the entire planet. Pizzerias in Italy, all of Europe and other continents hid their pizza secrets to all but the fortunate residents and random traveler.

However, things were about to change. Enter the great game changer. The Big Kahuna of Information was about to turn regionalized pizza into a global point of argument and dialogue.

The floodgates of the great pizza symposium were opened. 

Enter the great game changer. The Big Kahuna of Information was about to turn regionalized pizza into a global point of argument and dialogue.

Read the Rest of the Story HERE at Legends of Pizza blog.
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3) Can you Freeze Pizza?

Adedoyin Asks:

Hello Albert, 
 I would like to make frozen pizza, can you please teach me how to?


My response:

 Hi Adedoyin .

Freezing pizza dough...No problem.

Freezing pizza? Very difficult.. It never comes out right....

To freeze pizza dough, make your pizza dough as you normally would. Let it rest for an hour or so. Place in a zip lock and drizzle olive oil over the dough.

If you have any left over pizza dough, you can use the same procedure.

The dough will not rise as much as fresh dough, but it can still be used with satisfactory results.

So freezing dough? No problem. Freezing pizza? That's a tough one!

The secret to frozen pizza, that tastes great, is worth millions.

If you find out, please let me know.

Best of luck to oyu on your pizza adventures.

Excerpt from The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book:

"When I first envisioned The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, I thought of it as simply a collection of pizza recipes. I was very satisfied and proud of it.

I then began to realize, I was missing an important piece of the story. I wanted to get beyond the recipes. I wanted to explain the real story of Pizza Therapy.

And here is the result. The first part of the book explains some of my philosophy about pizza and my own influences. The rest of the book contains the recipes, tips, tricks with a light sprinkling of pizza sagas.

 All of the step by step directions in the recipes will allow you to make pizza without any special equipment.

You will be able to make pizza with supplies found in in your kitchen. A bowl, a measuring cup, and measuring spoons as well as a cookie sheet are all you will need to get started.

 As you continue on your pizza adventures, you may want to invest in more advanced pizza making equipment such as a pizza stonespacer , pizza peelspacer and a pizza cutter or pizza wheelspacer . And if you really want to an intergalactic level get a star trek pizza cutterspacer .

Although, this book is all about making pizza, you should understand, there is a certain amount of magic that happens while creating pizza and eating pizza. And while I can describe the magic to you, you really wont understand it until you start making and eating your own pizza."

The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

pizza on earth,


The Pizza Therapy Digital Store.


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The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book


The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book

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4) Difference Between Thin Crust and Thick Crust

Alice Asks:

Can you tell me what's the difference between a thin crust and
thick crust pizza base?

My response:

The difference really to me is an issue of the thickness of the pizza crust and the type of pizza being made.

The thin pizza is known as Neapolitan pizza. This was the type of pizza favored there. This is also known as New York pizza. This is the type of pizza made in New Haven, Connecticut, also. This is the type of pizza, I am most familiar. This is the type of pizza I usually make.

Thick crust pizza on the other hand uses a much thicker base. It is also known as Sicilian pizza (or on Long Island, New York, Grandmother's pizza). Usually this type of pizza is served in a rectangular pan. In Rhode Island when I grew up most of the Italian Bakeries would sell this type of pizza.

Some people think just using more dough in your pizza makes a thicker crust and I think this is true.
A thick crust takes a little longer to cook.

I hope this answers your question.

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