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Welcome to Xiph

This is the issue tracking system used for  Xiph.Org projects. Our general-purpose wiki is, where you can find developer documentation in progress.

If you would like to report a bug or request a feature, please  add a ticket.

An overview of all active tickets, grouped by component, is available  here. It is also possible to isolate bugs for specific projects by creating custom queries,  like this.

There is also a  browsable interface to the source code in the svn repository. As well as basic sourcecode browsing, this provides  revision logs of any project directory or file and a colorful, browsable  display of changesets.

Please note, sadly account registration, using a valid email address, is required. Already registered users who didn't verify their email so far or changed it since last verification will have to go through verification. Users who didn't set an email address will likely need to contact a Trac admin (try on IRC: freenode, #xiph).

Starting Points for Trac

  • TracGuide -- Built-in Documentation
  •  The Trac project -- Trac Open Source Project
  •  Trac FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
  • TracSupport -- Trac Support

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